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Amazon Business Prime American Express Card: Customer Testimonials

In their own words: small business owners talk about why they use and love the Amazon Business Prime Card

Real Card Members were compensated for the testimonials below.


Every small business is different, but they all face many of the same challenges. From LLCs to startups, expenses add up and while you’re waiting to get paid, cash flow can be tight. Using the right business credit card can ease your mind as well as make day-to-day to-dos a lot easier.


With so many business credit cards available, though, what makes this Card the right choice? In addition to the benefits you may already be aware of from American Express as Year-End Summary‡ and No Foreign Transaction Fees¤. Card Members can also redeem rewards on purchases both on and off Amazon‡. So many small business owners love and depend on this Card—and whether you’re thinking of applying or you’re already a Card Member, here are just a few of the reasons it’s ideal for most.


#1: There’s no annual fee¤

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: cash flow can be tight when it comes to the day-to-day running of a business, so it’s key to save where you can. The Amazon Business Prime American Express Card requires no annual fee ¤. “Being a sole proprietor, I have to watch what I spend,” says business owner Susan. “Every dollar I spend is a dollar I cannot use for my family.” 

Card Member Jessica, whose number-one concern when selecting a business credit card was the lack of an annual fee, agrees.  

Jessica S., Card Member

"I love that there's no annual fee because that's money out of my pocket."

— Jessica S., Card Member

¤Rates and Fees


#2: You can earn rewards both on and off Amazon

Got Business purchases? With the Amazon Business Prime American Express Card, there are a variety of ways to earn % Back rewards. You’ll earn % Back rewards with each dollar you spend, whether it’s on inventory supplies and IT essentials or groceries and gas. Card Members also earn 2% Back on U.S. purchases at restaurants, gas stations and wireless telephone services that are purchased directly from service providers and 1% Back on other purchases‡.

“It’s super easy to apply my points to my Amazon purchases because it’s already linked in the wallet,” business owner Jessica S. says. 

Matt G. also loves seeing his rewards pile up. “With this Card, every month I build up enough points where I can make a business or personal purchase using rewards.”

Next time you’re at checkout on Amazon, redeem as many available points as you want at checkout  or if you’re reviewing your American Express statement, apply them to your American Express statement‡. 

Explore how to shop with points

#3: Decide between earning rewards or taking more time to pay with no interest…it’s up to you 

Free up cash flow and make running your small business easy, the Amazon Business Prime American Express Card gives you flexibility with each and every purchase you make. Would you rather earn % Back rewards or use the extended payment term option? Every business has different needs and that’s why the options are always available. If you’re an established Card Member already, remember that you can change your mind before you make a purchase, depending on your needs. Each time you use your Card you can choose between:

Card Members can earn rewards or choose flexible payment terms like 5% Back or 90 Day Terms on U.S. purchases at Amazon Business, AWS, Amazon.com, and Whole Foods Market with an eligible Prime membership†. Get 3% Back or 60 Day Payment Terms on U.S. purchases at Amazon Business without an eligible Prime membership*†‡.


*Earn 5% or 3% Back on the first $120,000 in purchases each calendar year, 1% Back thereafter. 


Justin loves the option of being able to chooses rewards with his Prime Card. 

Justin E., Card Member and Owner of Everson Incorporated

“It helps my business thrive using the purchase-to-purchase option because I can keep a running idea of what my rewards are going to be,” he says. 

Say I spend $100 on a parts order on Amazon. I automatically know that I'm going to have $5 in rewards from that purchase.”

— Justin E., Card Member and Owner of Everson Incorporated

As for Susan, who runs a small jewelry business, the option to choose extended payment terms makes the most sense for her.

Susan D., Card Member and Owner of Suzie D Jewelry

“The longer payment terms help my business specifically because I have to buy supplies like gemstones and metals before my customers pay my orders. A lot of times, my customers have net 30 terms. That means they pay me 30 days after I ship, which means I have to outlay the money for the supplies well before I ever get any money for my orders. Having a 90-day period where I don’t have to pay interest helps me keep costs low.”

— Susan D., Card Member and Owner of Suzie D Jewelry

The Amazon Business Prime American Express Card was designed with your livelihood in mind.

When it comes to choosing a credit card for your business, why not choose one that’s tailored specifically to the unique needs of small business owners?

This understanding, perspective and flexibility is why Susan is so pleased with her choice. She says: “Having the American Express Amazon Prime Business Card allows me to run my business with options, run it smoothly, have a complete overview over my financial situation in my business, have everything on one page. Being self-employed and having to run all aspects of my business, it simply makes my life as a business owner easier.”


Aron agrees. 

Aron G., Card Member and Owner of Gordon Construction Consulting

“The Amazon Business Prime American Express Card is my go-to for business expenses.”

— Aron G., Card Member and Owner of Gordon Construction Consulting

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