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Handling online security and tech support as a small business

Amazon Business has teamed up with McAfee to help small and medium businesses combat cyber threats and receive virtual tech support services through a new offer on Business Prime.

Ever had the experience of wanting to complete an urgent task on your work computer, only to be bothered by an IT issue and searching for support answers online? Wasting company time on hassles while customer emails and business discussions pile up is probably one of the most stressful situations as a small business owner and unfortunately, it happens often to the best of us.


Unlike large companies with multiple backup devices and a full IT staff, small businesses might need to make do with Do-It-Yourself fixes and search engine results in order to keep things running. This might be inexpensive initially, but a critical device failure at the wrong time might cripple business or even halt revenue, resulting in an enormous expenditure to fix the problem and get business back running.


McAfee Security’s member-only exclusive offer for Amazon Business Prime customers provides an affordable and holistic solution outside of the proverbial rock and a hard place to entrepreneurs and small business owners looking to protect up to 25 devices.


IT service when you need it


The Amazon Business Prime offering by McAfee Security features McAfee IT Incident Service, with a full staff of tech experts standing by 24/7/365 when you need them the most. This can help solve a vast majority of tech-related issues such as network and device troubleshooting, setup guidance for operating system and software, performance tune-ups and more.


Since small businesses have fewer devices to worry about, McAfee’s solution balances the price by having a specific number of IT incident resolutions per subscription cycle. This significantly lowers costs: having a dedicated IT staff member is more expensive than the collective expertise of a veteran IT team on-call virtually.


Holistic Protection


Once a small business has smooth-functioning hardware and software running, the next common worry is to keep these protected from third-party threats such as malware.


Hackers tend to target small businesses who often lack the resources to prepare and address cyber threats. The 2019 Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report found that 43% of security breaches involved small businesses. Of those, 29% lost revenue and a sobering 38% of them lost more than a fifth of their revenue.


As industry leader in cyber security, McAfee observes that regular security options often provide only specific types of protection rather than a full-spectrum, holistic solution, which is key to fend off typical hackers. McAfee estimates that 22% of impacted businesses could lose a significant chunk of their customer base after a cyber-attack, and this could cost a company its reputation.


McAfee Security offer for Amazon Business Prime combines affordable, on-demand IT support with award-winning antivirus security, with add-ins for data privacy protection for a blend of services, protection, and utility designed to keep your business running with minimal interruptions.


The Offer


On top of IT Incident Resolutions to keep business running smoothly and affordably, Business Prime Members receive the following benefits which McAfee has identified as most sought by small businesses:

  • Award winning defense for your business against the latest virus, malware, spyware and ransomware attacks
  • Protection across a multitude of platforms including Windows, Mac OS, Android and iOS
  • Ability to send and receive business emails and sensitive files securely using privacy tools such as Virtual Private Network (VPN) access, secure storage and deletion of sensitive business files
  • 5-user Password Manager to generate secure passwords and to store them across as many devices as necessary


How to find McAfee Security on your Business Prime Account


Once you sign up for Business Prime, you can find the McAfee under ‘Exclusive offers for Business Prime members only’ on your account when logged in. Upon clicking ‘Redeem Now’ in the McAfee offer, you can simply select the appropriate option that works for your business size, redeem online with McAfee and download the McAfee client onto your business device(s). Using your McAfee MyAccount admin portal, you may also easily add incremental devices or start inviting team members to access the features.


Bringing highly relevant, best-in-class and meaningful value to members to conduct their business is a core tenet of Amazon Business Prime. Together with McAfee Security, we wish you a secure, hassle-free business experience.

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