Understand the Buyer Experience

Amazon Business group and user level budgeting capabilities allow organization's to set needs, manage those needs, and control purchasing behavior. 

Understand Buyer Experience

As a buyer, you get access to budgets based on selecting buying groups you are checking out with. Once you select groups, you can access budgets from the drop-down menu of blanket PO under the PO field of Business Order Information page in checkout. If you exceed budget with your order, you will get stopped during checkout with a warning message to use a different Budget, i.e., Blanket PO, or change the cart value to stay under budget. If enabled by the administrator, you can see how much budget is remaining and spent during the checkout experience.


Businesses customers need controls and capabilities to manage not only the type of products and categories being purchased but also how their procurement budget is allocated and spent across their organization. Businesses who are not leveraging a third-party procurement system have needs to set, manage, and control purchase behavior based on allocated organizational budgets. Our group and user level budgeting products of Blanket PO and User Level Budgeting are addressing this need and allowing organizations to model a group and user level budget as part of the procurement process.


Depending on policies set up at your account and group, your order could be subjected to completions or further approvals. Approvers will have complete visibility on budget status and selection to inform their decisions if Approvals are triggered. Approvers could change the budget entities during the approval process based on their discretion.

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