Budget Management configuration

Create a new budget by entering the PO name, the total budget, and the start and end date for the budget after you sign in to your Amazon Business account.

Configure Budget Management

Customers can have confidence in their purchasing process by setting budgets for their buying groups. Admins may create one or multiple budgets set up for each buying group or department. Account and group administrators can allocate a set amount of funding to a Budget or Blanket PO by selecting budgets in the Billing and shipping tab.


To create a new budget, simply type in the Budget name or a PO number, the total budget amount, and the start day and end day of this budgets. You can also choose to add a note for the users in the checkout page to help them make sure that they are using the correct budget, and decide whether you want the end users to see the remaining budge balance. Once the budget is created, you can now allocate dollar amount to individual users by clicking the “Add allocations” on the budget detail page.


There are a couple ways you can allocate budgets to the users. If you are allocating budgets to let’s say 3 users, you can simply search for the them by their names or email addresses, and enter the funds you want to allocate to them in here. Alternatively, if you are assigning budgets to every user in a group, you can use our bulk assign funds feature here to load all users in the group here in one click.


Some customers also like to give buyers the ability to see the budget amount remaining during checkout to avoid going over Budget. When setting up the Budget, under the Amount box, simply check the box to enable this feature. From there, you can select a dollar amount to notify your users if they are running low on funds. To enable this, you would check this box and enter the amount. As an administrator, you can perform the bulk configuration actions of uploading, downloading, and editing multiple budgets simultaneously. 

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