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Amazon Business Prime


One Business Prime membership helps your whole organization stay ahead, with unlimited, FREE shipping on eligible orders and more business purchasing benefits.

Unlock Perks for your Business with Amazon Business Prime

With Amazon Business Prime, you can enjoy all the perks of Prime – but for your business. It removes the hassle from wholesale business purchases and gets you the essential equipment, stock and supplies you need, quickly.


Fast, free delivery on millions of products from leading brands is just the start – whether you’re a small business, a growing SME or an established blue-chip. Keep your budget in order with Spend Visibility tools and WorkDocs. Use Survey and Analytic tools from Delighted to measure just how well your products are landing with your customers. Get expert support and great features on plans you can scale to your needs and budget.


We offer a wide range of Amazon Business Prime benefits including:

  • Empower your teams

    FREE delivery (on eligible orders) of what they need, when they need it. Reduce sticking points traditionally felt through approval processes and sign-offs and help your employees unleash their productivity.

  • Guide your team’s buying

    Fixed buying policies you create automatically that directs your team to the products and sellers that satisfy organizational purchasing goals. Learn more.

  • Analyze your purchases

    Use custom visual dashboards powered by proven AWS cloud computing technology. Learn more.

  • Buy now, pay later with Pay by Invoice

    Get 45- or 60-day payment terms with eligible membership plans upon approval. No interest or fees. Learn more.

  • Understand your return on investment

    Learn more about potential ROI benefits of your Amazon Business Prime membership.

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The Total Economic Impact of Amazon Business and Business Prime

Join Forrester’s Principal Consultant, Henry Huang, and Amazon’s Business Prime Director, Moz Thomas, as they reveal the study findings and examine the potential ROI enterprises may realize by deploying Amazon Business with Business Prime.

How much is Amazon Business Prime?

Amazon Business Prime plans are built for firms of all sizes, in any industry. Here’s how they work.

  • Duo

    If you’re a small business owner, Business Prime Duo is a useful add-on to your personal Amazon Prime Membership. It gives you fast, free delivery on business purchases, convenient shipping options, spend visibility and free analytics tools.


    How much is Amazon Business Prime Duo? $69/year

  • Essentials

    Business Prime Essentials is another great choice for small business owners – but with upgraded benefits and access for up to three users. On top of the great features of Duo membership, you’ll get access to Amazon WorkDocs (up to three readers), Guided Buying and extended payment terms for invoices.


    How much is Amazon Business Prime Essentials? $179/year

  • Small

    Business Prime Small gives up to 10 users incredible prime benefits from fast shipping and spend visibility to guided buying. You’ll also get expert advice on how to optimize your Business Prime features, visibility and policy settings.


    How much is Amazon Business Prime Small? $499/year

  • Medium

    Our plan for medium-sized businesses offers convenience, selection, value and expert support to up to 100 users. It’s a great way to empower a large team to make smarter purchasing decisions – and provides the analytics and data they need to demonstrate ROI.


    How much is Amazon Business Prime Medium? $1,299/year

  • Enterprise

    If you’re a large business, get the wide-ranging access and benefits you need to juggle purchases, budgets and customer data. With access for over 100 users, you’ll get excusive offers for products and services including GoDaddy, McAfee, Gusto, Next Insurance, Prudential and H&R Block Advisors.


    How much is Amazon Business Prime Enterprise? $10,099/year

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Business Prime Plans

Business Prime can help boost your savings and purchasing control so you can focus on your customers.

Examine the potential ROI of Amazon Business with Business Prime

  • + $130K

    estimated savings over three years for organizations spending +$1.2M with 110 purchasers*

  • 555%

    potential ROI over three years*

  • 3

    average months for total implementation and deployment time*

* Based on a Forrester-developed composite organization built from data gathered from customer interviews to reflect the value that Amazon Business could have on an enterprise organization that uses Business Prime and spends $1.2M yearly on Amazon Business with 110 purchasers.

Amazon Business Prime Duo vs. Amazon Business Prime Essentials

  • Amazon Business Prime Duo is $69 per year. It works as an add-on to your personal Prime account, so you'll need to be an existing Prime Member. It offers a range of great perks for start-ups, sole traders and other businesses including survey and analytics tools, spend visibility and 90-day payment terms. A great choice for a bit of extra flexibility.
  • Amazon Business Prime Essentials is the next step up. For $179 per year, up to three users can get all the benefits of a duo plan, as well as Amazon WorkDocs, Guided Buying and extended pay-by-invoice terms. You won't need an existing Amazon Prime Account to sign up.


Amazon Business Prime: Frequently asked questions

  • Is there an advantage to having an Amazon Prime Business account?

    Amazon Prime Business accounts give you all the benefits of Prime membership, but for your business. That means competitive wholesale prices on a vast range of big-name brands. It means fast, free delivery too. What’s more, it means essential analytics and spending visibility – plus plenty of other features tailor-made for businesses of all sizes.

  • How much does Amazon Business Prime cost per year?

    Amazon Business Prime is available at different rates to suit you. If you’re just starting out, use our Prime Duo add-on to unlock business features on your Prime membership. As you grow, you can upgrade access to 3, 10 and 100 users – and unlock even more great features.

  • : Is Amazon Business Prime more expensive?

    If you’re a small business, you might be weighing up the benefits of Amazon Prime vs Amazon Business Prime. Amazon Business Prime comes at a higher monthly cost than a standard Prime account. But with competitive wholesale prices and bulk ordering capabilities, you’re likely to pay far less per item as a Business Prime member.

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Success story

“Business Prime makes everybody’s life so easy and reinforces good purchasing practices.”

Jared Gardner, District Procurement Manager, Granite School District

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