Obtain actionable insights to drive purchasing decisions

Visualize spend data through customizable or pre-built dashboards and reports to track progress towards your goals.

Get Purchasing Insights with Spend Visibility and Amazon Business Analytics

  • Improve visibility into purchasing

    Improve visibility into purchasing

    Use pre-built reports or build custom reports to view spend by individuals and groups within your organization. Obtain access to visually appealing dashboards with Spend Visibility (available with Business Prime) to identify purchasing trends.

  • Save time in obtaining insights

    Save time in obtaining insights

    Obtain data from pre-built and custom reports that provide orders, shipments, returns, refunds, and reconciliation related information to drive rapid decision making.

  • Seamless reconciliation

    Seamless reconciliation

    Improve the speed and accuracy of reconciliation, expense management, and accounting processes with line-item detail (level 3 transaction data) on purchases made using eligible Visa, Mastercard, and American Express credit cards. In addition, Amazon Business integrates seamlessly with expense management software partners such as Intuit QuickBooks, Emburse, and Zoho Expense.

  • Turn insights into action

    Turn insights into action

    Utilize Amazon Business Analytics reports to identify top spend categories, spend from preferred and restricted items, and analyze purchases from diverse sellers. Use this information to define buying policies to guide purchasing, track progress towards spending goals, and discover ways to reduce costs.

Use Spend Visibility to Boost Data Analytic Processes for your Business 

Whatever the size of your business, the Spend Visibility tool can help you to determine measures to help cut costs and optimize spend. Furthermore, choosing to automate the important process of business data analytics can free up invaluable time and resources within your company, allowing your team to work smarter on other projects and spend less time gathering the necessary information.


For more on how to get Amazon Business working for you, check out our Access Dashboards tutorial to learn how to dive into spending data for your business. Similarly, our Users and Roles tutorial gives you the lowdown on how to assign, review and administer individuals’ access to Spend Visibility data. 

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    Spend Visibility

    Spend Visibility is powered by Amazon QuickSight –a comprehensive dashboard solution that allows users at all levels of the business to make highly informed, data-driven decisions. Analyze spend data and purchasing trends to inform smart budgeting decisions and find opportunities to save. Spend Visibility offers full customizability and the potential to perform advanced forecasting — keeping you ahead of the competition.


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    Amazon Business Analytics

    Amazon Business Analytics allows you to view purchase history across your organization so you can identify opportunities to optimize spend and make better purchasing decisions. See spend from top categories and purchases from diverse sellers. Choose from any one of the available reports: orders, shipments, returns, refunds, reconciliation, savings, and credentials to view and download the information you need.

Get Access to Business Intelligence Tools with Amazon

Amazon Business Analytics offers a range of business intelligence tools designed to help your teams gather the most detailed and intricate picture of all your business’ moving parts.

  • Drill down to the data points you need with advanced filtering over all aspects of procurement including PO numbers and invoices.

  • Create spending and savings trackers to help you monitor your performance goals in real time.  

  • Get the full picture of the procurement process so you can find new ways to save or create new spending policies.

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