2023 Small Business Summit 2023 Small Business Summit

Free virtual event for small business growth

May 2 | 9AM PDT/12PM EDT

Welcome to the Small Business Summit 2023

Join us for seven short, bootcamp style sessions led by Google, Constant Contact, and more. Topics are focused on money management, digital marketing, and technology. Learn how to grow your business with search engine optimization and digital marketing, create a business plan, and supercharge your business with artificial intelligence.

2023 Small Business Summit Sessions

Join us for 90 minutes of resilience training in the areas that matter the most.

  • Todd Heimes

    Summit Kickoff and Welcome

    Todd Heimes—Small Business Director, Amazon Business


    Veteran Amazon leader Todd Heimes will kick off the Summit and guide you through this year's event with sessions focusing on digital marketing, money management, and artificial intelligence. Be sure to stay tuned for an exciting announcement from Amazon Business.

  • Tyler Cowen

    Inflation, Recession and Your Small Business

    Tyler Cowen—Economist and Professor, George Mason University


    You've cut costs, changed business hours, and stocked up on deals. Is there anything else you can do to brave the recession and inflation? Join our keynote session as Dr Cowen shares facts and opportunities.

  • Mikaila Ulmer

    10 Minute Business Plan

    Mikaila Ulmer—Founder and CEO, Me & The Bees


    A business plan helps you be more strategic with your own resources, and you will need one if you are seeking funding for your business. In this session, entrepreneur Mikaila Ulmer will guide you through completing the key components.

  • Madelyn Puente

    Savings, Credit, and Buy Now, Pay Later

    Madelyn Puente—Director, B2B Payments Experience, Amazon Business

    Fernando Ramirez—Small Business Leader, Amazon Business   


    Learn several ways to save money, maximize your dollars, and improve cash flow as a small business with Amazon Business.  

  • Mark Brinton

    Business Prime for Small Businesses

    Mark Brinton—Small Business Lead, Amazon Business Prime

    Chris Brown—GM, B2B Cobrand Payments, Amazon Business Prime


    How do small business owners put Business Prime to work? Learn about the perks and tools that can help your small business every day.  

  • Dave Charest

    Digital Marketing for Small Businesses

    Dave Charest—Director Small Business, Constant Contact


    Are you interested in learning about email, text, and social media marketing from an expert? Learn about these digital marketing channels and get tips for how to grow your business and customer base.

  • Anastasia Kudrez

    4 SEO Tips for Small Businesses

    Anastasia Kudrez—Lead Educator, Grow with Google


    Learn how to apply content and SEO concepts to drive organic traffic to your website, how search engines work, and review key elements of your website that can be optimized to help drive results.

  • Adam Simon

    Artificial Intelligence for Small Business

    Adam Simon—SVP Strategy/US Head of Innovation, IPG Media Lab


    Find out how to supercharge your marketing and more with artificial intelligence. Learn how to create marketing materials without additional overhead and get answers to your specific business questions.

  • Amazon business

    Celebrate and grow your business

    May is Small Business Month. We’re proud to celebrate small business ownership at the Amazon Business Small Business Summit—the free virtual event for smart business growth.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Amazon Business is hosting the Small Business Summit, a virtual, free, education event comprised of seven short, bootcamp-style sessions, each created to help the small business owner maximize limited resources. Summit topics will include how to create a business plan; email, text, and social media marketing fundamentals; the latest technology trends, how to be more discoverable via Google search, how to save now and pay later with Amazon Business, and more.

  • Any small business/entrepreneur is welcome to attend the virtual event including solopreneurs, IT, accounting or marketing employees. Companies that are expanding are encouraged to attend along with current and potential Amazon Business customers.

  • We recommend investing 90 minutes to consume the content in its entirety.

  • Yes. The Small Business Summit will be on Tuesday, May 2nd, starting at 9AM PDT/12PM EDT. If you want to attend the Summit but are unsure if you can make it on event day, complete your registration anyway and we will send all registrants access after the event.

  • We apologize for any issue you are experiencing. Please refresh your browser and try again. If you are still unable to register, try typing https://business.amazon.com/en/events/small-business-summit/registration into your browser. If you still have issues, please email ABSmallBusinessSummit@amazon.com for assistance with summit-related questions.

  • No. You do not need to be a current Amazon Business customer to register and attend the Small Business Summit.

  • Yes. This is a free event and we encourage you to invite others. Each attendee should submit their own registration.

  • Yes. You can submit questions for our moderators.

  • Amazon Business offers solutions for small businesses such as flexible payment options, out-of-the-box reports, and exclusive pricing and products. Visit our small business page to learn more.

  • Visit business.amazon.com for more information and to sign up for a free Amazon Business account.

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