Improve Cash Flow with Financing, Credit, and Invoicing

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Improve Cash Flow with Financing, Credit, and Invoicing

A part of the small business money management conversation is understanding what tools are available to you to help optimize your cash flow and lay groundwork for the future. Tai Koottatep, leader of Amazon B2B Payments & Lending, shares the financing & payment solutions for small businesses we offer at Amazon.

Financing your small business is tough. Data from US Bank shows that 82% of small businesses fail because of cash flow mismanagement1. (Source: US Bank research, 2016) We know that this is top of mind for many small businesses. Since 2019, we’ve seen a 185% increase in searches for small business funding that help businesses optimize their cash flow2 . This video walks you through how we're helping small businesses on this journey with three unique solutions:


1-US Bank research, 2016

2- Google (Search data in the U.S.)

Video Presentation Highlights


The below is a summary of the video presentation transcript. Download the Improve Cash Flow with Financing, Credit, and Invoicing presentation (pdf) for reference. 


Small Business Credit Cards 


For many small businesses, the first tool in your toolkit may be a small business credit card. A dedicated business credit card can help you separate business expenses, take advantage of rewards, and improve your cash flow with extended payments terms.


In partnership with American Express, we’ve brought together two brands known for the customer service to create an experience for small business owners. When it comes to making the most of your business transactions, using a credit card can be a powerful tool. Sometimes, you may want to earn rewards. At other times, when cash flow is tight, extended payment terms may be exactly what you’re looking for. No matter the situation, this Card has you covered. With the Amazon Business American Express Card,  You can take advantage of 3% Back or 60  Day Terms on U.S. purchases at Amazon Business, AWS,, and Whole Foods. With an eligible Prime membership*, you can boost  your rewards to earn 5% Back or 90 Day Terms.  Learn more at


‡See rates and Fees at and Benefit Terms

*See a full list of eligible Prime memberships



Pay by Invoice 


Pay by Invoice by Amazon Business is a line of credit and invoicing program for purchases on Amazon Business Eligible US Amazon Business customers are invited to the program at the time of their Amazon Business registration4. Pay by Invoice gives businesses more flexibility and control over their cash flow. Amazon Business customers in the US can take advantage of 30-day payment terms and eligible Business Prime members can apply for 45-day terms with the Small and Medium plans or 60-day terms with the Enterprise plan. 


3- In select locations
4- Subject to credit approval 


Amazon Lending 


Term Loans 


A key offering on Amazon Lending is the term loans to eligible sellers. We developed this program based on the knowledge that an infusion of capital at the right moment could put small business sellers on the path to success. Amazon Lending offers eligible sellers on the ability to apply for term loans with fixed rates through a convenient application process directly through Seller Central and no lengthy paperwork. 


A Business Line of Credit from Marcus by Goldman Sachs® 


In addition to term loans, we partner with Marcus by Goldman Sachs to feature their business line of credit in Amazon Lending as another financing solution for our sellers. With Line of Credit, you have the flexibility to request funds5 and only pay interest on the funds actively used. Rates are fixed and the sellers benefit from exclusive Amazon-specific pricing. You can use the Line of Credit to help cover operations costs, buy more inventory, invest in product development, and grow your customer base. 


5-Approval of a business’s Marcus draw request is based on the business’s creditworthiness at the time of request and other factors. There is no obligation for Marcus to extend credit at any time and approvals of Marcus draw requests are made in its sole discretion. Additional details can be found in the Marcus line of credit agreement. Marcus draw requests can occur until 5:00 p.m. ET two business days prior to the end of an account’s draw period. If Marcus decides not to approve a business’s draw request, the business may not be able to request a new draw for 30 days from the date of decline. The minimum draw amount a business may request is $500. Marcus may reduce a business’s credit limit for any reason.




I’d like to talk about our Community Lending program which we launched last year, partnering with Lendistry to help serve urban and rural small businesses in socially and economically distressed communities.  Amazon Community Lending is an invite only program providing U.S.-based Amazon sellers—nearly all of which are small businesses—access to short-term loans 


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