Introducing Dash Smart Shelf

Automatically reorder essentials with a Dash Smart Shelf
Release Date: 29 October 2020
Last Updated: 29 October 2020

Never run out of items with the Dash Smart Shelf. It is a scale which automatically tracks and reorders a wide range of business essentials, from office and cleaning, to breakroom, IT supplies, and more. When the weight of that item falls below a set threshold, Dash Smart Shelf can automatically place an order or send a notification to a purchaser to manually place the order. 

Customers have the ability to customize their reorder threshold, reorder products in single or multiple quantities, and use storage bins or containers on top of their Smart Shelf devices and only track the product contents inside. It’s easy to check inventory at any time through the Amazon mobile app.

Dash Smart Shelf supports an ever-growing list of thousands of products. Learn which items are currently supported by visiting the Dash Smart Shelf products page.

Learn more about the Dash Smart Shelf.