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Delivering millions of PPE Items to nonprofits nationwide

Amazon Business has delivered nearly 20 million individual items through Donations Hub to date.

Amazon Business launched Donations Hub* for eligible U.S. nonprofits to access millions of personal protective equipment (PPE) supplies—including masks, gloves, gowns, sanitizer and cleaning supplies—at zero cost. To date, nonprofits have selected from over 500 types of PPE items, and Amazon has delivered nearly 20 million individual items through Donations Hub. Eligible nonprofit customers can acquire any quantity of available PPE at no cost, which ships free with Business Prime (standard shipping rates for all other accounts). Amazon Business will continue to add more products to Donations Hub as they become available.


In 2020, nonprofits overcame numerous obstacles to source and secure adequate PPE for employees and vulnerable populations they serve in their communities. By offering PPE at no cost to eligible 501(c)(3) organizations, Amazon Business wants to help nonprofits optimize their limited budgets for resources and activities that are central to their mission, while having easy access to PPE and cleaning supplies that can help maintain a safe, healthy environment for their employees and communities served.


Donations Hub enables nonprofits to find available inventory and order it when they need it like they would with any other Amazon purchase. Products are currently available to ship to anywhere in the U.S.


“This donation will help offset the cost of having to purchase PPE supplies for our housing communities,” said Anne Olivia, President and CFO at Embrace Living Communities. Embrace Living Communities locations in Florida, Illinois, and Missouri have procured a total of 7,325 items valued at over $120,000.


With the development of Donations Hub, Amazon is expanding its commitment to the nonprofit segment through tools and resources to help nonprofits better serve their communities. Donations Hub customer, Puerto Rico Rises commented, “We want to extend our deepest appreciation and gratitude to Amazon for taking care of our people,” said Sara Lopez, Founder and CEO. “One of our biggest concerns [during the pandemic] has been having access to the necessary supplies at the time an emergency or disaster arises. Having Amazon as our partner has been one of the greatest blessings and achievements of our organization. This alliance gives us the assurance and peace of mind that we will be able to reach and impact the areas in need with the necessary supplies, at the right time. Hand in hand with Amazon we can fully fulfill our mission: to guarantee that aid is distributed directly into the hands of those who need it most.”


Nonprofits are eligible to participate in Donations Hub if they have an Amazon Business account, are located in the U.S., have a verified 501(c)(3) designation, do not resell products, and do not withhold services based on religion, political affiliation, race, or sexuality. We have been inspired by early customer feedback and look forward to continuing to support our nonprofit customers.


*Discontinued in December 2022. Click here for more information

“The PPE Donations Hub has been integral to fulfilling our need for sanitizing products for the upcoming school year.  Being able to access large quantities of hand sanitizer, sanitizing wipes and cleaners will ensure we can keep kids safe and successfully  transition back to learning this fall.”

— Dawn Nunn, Director, Gift-in-Kind, Save The Children

For more information or questions regarding access, visit the Donations Hub.

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