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Smarter purchasing for Travel and Hospitality

Simplify buying to move your organization forward.

Smart business buying for travel and hospitality

Save time and money purchasing with Amazon Business while gaining control of previously unmanaged spend.  Create custom workflows that align with existing policies and gain visibility into spend with enhanced analytics and reporting tools.

  • Amazon business

    Reduce costs

    Compare prices across multiple suppliers in a single online store. Access business-only prices and quantity discounts on eligible products.

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  • Amazon business

    Simplify buying

    Consolidate indirect spend to a single location, where you'll get full visibility into purchases. Reduce lead times with automated approval workflows, tools to streamline re-ordering, and expedited delivery.

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  • Amazon business

    Empower employees

    Let your employees purchase the supplies they need, when they need them, without losing track of spend.

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    Increase visibility

    Get clarity on how your organization spends. Use powerful analytics to automate reporting, discover purchasing insights, and inform your budgets.


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    Integrate systems

    Connect your existing e-procurement systems with Amazon Business. Enable single sign-on (SSO) for secure access across your organization.

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    Get more with Business Prime

    One Business Prime membership helps your whole organization stay ahead, with unlimited, FREE shipping on eligible orders, flexible payment options, and more business benefits.

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“As an operator of 80 hotels in 24 states (and growing), we have had success with Amazon Business in cost and time savings, and better inventory management for our properties. Where we used to order large case sizes, we can now order based on our projected occupancy with a two day window of delivery, which has helped us reduce inventory waste and increase profit margins from around 20% to 40%.”

— Rob Auerbach, SVP Purchasing, Island Hospitality Management

"With the simplicity of placing and receiving orders, and the vast selection of products, Amazon Business will create solutions to help Earls receive larger and consolidated shipments, making Amazon a choice for us to discover new procurement opportunities in the future.” 

— Claudia Vorlaufer, Vice President of Procurement and Logistics, Earls Kitchen & Bar

More ways to save

  • 10%

    Request for Quote and save up to 10% when buying in bulk.

  • >60M

    Quantity discounts on bulk purchases are available on over 60 million products.

  • 40

    With an average of 40 offers per product, you can choose the best price.

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