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    See top-selling wholesale products that other trusted businesses buy most frequently.

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    Explore products that other customers have rated highly.

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    Compare multiple prices for products from sellers and vendors who compete for your business.

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    Tap into deals on single unit items, Quantity Discounts with bulk wholesale orders, and Progressive Discounts that help you save over time.

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    Get what you want, when you need it, with a variety of shipping options, including 1-2 day shipping with Business Prime on eligible products.


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The State of Oklahoma makes procurement more efficient

The Office of Management and Enterprise Services implemented Amazon Business as a purchasing solution for all state agencies to streamline purchasing.

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We can help propel your business forward with additional procurement strategies that save you time and money.


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    Drive efficiency

    Manage tail spend and increase productivity across your organization with customized workflows and integrations.

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    Simplify buying

    Consolidate suppliers across your organization into one purchasing channel.

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    Gain control

    Enable teams to purchase with flexibility, while maintaining compliance with organizational policies and preferences.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Amazon Prime is a membership program available on It offers household and entertainment benefits such as Prime Video, Prime Music, Prime Fresh, Prime Now, and Prime Reading for use at home.


    Business Prime is a separate membership designed for businesses and only available on Amazon Business. It offers business benefits such as fast, FREE flexible delivery options on eligible items, account management, guided buying, and advanced analytics dashboards.

  • No, Amazon Business account is available for free. 

  • Amazon Business Customer Service is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week via phone, email or chat.

  • Pricing benefits such as Business pricing and quantity discounts are available for registered Amazon Business Customers. More information around these programs is available on our customer service site.