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Maintain Compliance While Purchasing Supplies

With a wealth of benefits, like saving money and creating more transparency, Buying Policies and Approvals is a solution that can enhance your purchasing environment.

Maintaining compliance with your organization’s purchasing policies and procedures can be tough. But, it doesn’t have to be. Whether you are an administrator at a small business or a large enterprise, our comprehensive solution, Buying Policies and Approvals, helps your teams stay compliant. Here are some of the main benefits.  


Reduce rogue spend

You can set spend limits on orders. This directs buyers in your organization to stay within those limits or seek approval for orders exceeding those limits helping your organization keep a lid on maverick spend.


Encourage purchasing of recommended products

You can identify your organization’s preferred products or sellers, and restrict or block product categories, to guide buyer behavior across your organization. This direction encourages buyers to purchase items from categories/sellers that your organization prefers and discourages them from buying items that are restricted or blocked. They will be unable to purchase an item from a blocked category.


For items you have classified as restricted, you can identify the right approvers to evaluate and approve such orders whenever buyers initiate a purchase. We call this part of the larger solution, Guided Buying and it is available to Business Prime members on the essentials, small, medium, and enterprise plans. If you are not a Business Prime member, sign up and take advantage of Guided Buying.

“With Amazon Business, teachers create a list on their classroom computer and submit. Workflows immediately take over, streamlining approvals. Teachers get exactly what they need, and they get it in two days.”

— Bradley Sponaugle, Assistant Treasurer - Berkeley County Schools

Manage purchasing and avoid bottlenecks

Driving adherence to buying policies does not have to slow down the purchasing process. You can identify the right approver for each policy, and assign multiple approvers to a policy, each with the ability to grant permission for faster turnaround. Functionalities such as batch approvals allows approvers to approve multiple orders at once, enabling buyers to get what they need, when they need it. 


Foster transparency

Approvers can provide comments for buying policies that clarify why they approve, reject, or ask for adjustments to requests. This communication helps increase transparency and empowers buyers to purchase what they need while helping you maintain purchasing control.   

If you are an Amazon Business customer, get started by defining your organization’s unique policies by visiting Buying Policies and Approvals, under Buying Policies in Business Settings. If you are not an Amazon Business customer, create a free account and learn more about how you can empower your buyers and manage spending. 

Boost compliance and simplify purchasing  for buyers within your organization by defining transparent guardrails.

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