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Industrial Supply Companies Speed Up Fulfillment with Amazon

Managing an industrial supply company means you need to keep up with fulfillment on a large range of products, even when materials shortages make products hard to find. Your customers are depending on you to get the supplies they need to their doors on time. 


You may feel like you and your team are wasting countless hours sourcing the necessary products to keep up with orders. Plus, each merchant you go through will have their own shipping rates and speeds, making keeping track of your purchasing and shipments a real challenge. 


At Amazon Business, we understand that you need to be able to find your products quickly, at affordable prices, with shipping speeds you can depend on.


Industrial supply: a one-stop shop

The fewer suppliers you have to work with, the less time you will waste finding the products you need. That’s why we’ve developed a one-stop shop for industrial supply where you can easily select from a huge range of products, all in one place. 


Searching different manufacturers’ websites and calling for quotes can be frustrating and time-consuming. We’ve taken that step out of the equation by bringing together hundreds of industrial supplies from different vendors and manufacturers all under one roof. You can shop for the items you need and find the best price quickly and easily. You’ll also find more options during materials shortages with a wide selection of manufacturers to choose from. 


Plus, you won’t be wasting time placing orders from tons of different companies, all with their own shipping charges. Place fewer orders and pay less in shipping costs by shopping with Amazon Business. 


Business-only pricing and discounts

We know that you need cost-effective prices so that you can pass on the savings to your customers, creating lasting, happy relationships with everyone who purchases from you.


With a registered Amazon Business account, you can get access to exclusive, business-only pricing that you won’t find with a regular Amazon account. Plus, when you order large quantities of industrial supply products, you’ll receive wholesale and bulk discounts to save your company even more money. 


Enjoy tiered pricing options, where the discounts get better the larger the quantity you order. Plus, when you purchase the same item multiple times over a 12-month period, the quantities add up, resulting in larger bulk discounts over time. 


Speedy shipping at affordable prices

Fulfilling your orders and keeping your customers happy depends on getting them their products safely and in a timely manner. We help you speed up fulfillment with our flexible and speedy shipping options. 


If you’re completely out of something that you need to restock immediately, place an order with Amazon Business and choose our lightning-fast overnight shipping. Maybe you don’t need your supplies right away, but don’t want to be waiting too long to get your order — try our inexpensive, two-day shipping. Your customers will love working with an industrial supply company that can fulfill their orders quickly. 


If managing multiple orders and shipments of different products is becoming a hassle that wastes too much time, our flexible shipping options can help you streamline your process. You can consolidate multiple purchases with Amazon Business into just a few shipments, so that you don’t feel like you’re constantly waiting on orders to arrive. You can also select specific days of the week that you want your items to show up, so you know exactly when to be watching for your orders. This helps you to increase productivity during your work week. 


Multiple user accounts for extra efficiency

If you’re working with a large team, it can become important to allow multiple team members to place orders and keep your business running smoothly. Relying on only one person to place every order can cause bottlenecks especially as your company grows. 


At the same time, you want to keep a tight rein on purchases to stay within budget. With Amazon Business, you can create multiple user accounts with different purchasing permissions. This means you can empower more managers to place their own orders, especially on products that are lower-priced, routine purchases. 


You can limit the purchase budget on the user accounts so that any large and expensive orders still need to go through the appropriate person. This helps you to create a better, more efficient process for purchasing, while still maintaining the security of your account when it comes to spending larger sums of money.


Speed up your fulfillment and find all the industrial supply products you need at affordable prices with Amazon Business. Create your free account today and see how we can help you save time and money.

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