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How Businesses Kept Material Handling Supplies in Stock Through the Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has had massive impacts on the supply chain, making sourcing material handling supplies difficult for companies needing to keep their products in stock and keep their customers happy. 


Hours were spent searching through different suppliers’ websites and making calls to ask about product availability and pricing, only to find many material handling supplies on backorder for months to come. 


Throughout the pandemic, Amazon Business has offered a solution to supply companies, helping them keep their business running through the shortages. With a huge selection of vendors and products to choose from, as well as speedy shipping options, Amazon Business helped companies to maintain access to the material handling supplies they needed.


Wide selection of material handling supply vendors

We know that sourcing material handling supplies and equipment can be difficult and time-consuming at the best of times, but with the pandemic it became even harder. That’s why we developed a marketplace that brings together hundreds of different vendors and manufacturers on one platform. 


Our material handling supply marketplace became a lifeline for many businesses. Keeping the items on hand that are necessary to move, store, ship and manage products enabled them to maintain great customer relationships. By using our marketplace, businesses were able to easily and quickly shop a huge range of different products to find the ones they needed at the best prices. 


Is your business struggling to source material handling supplies from all your usual suppliers? See if Amazon Business has what you’re looking for.


Affordable prices on difficult products to source

Not only did Amazon Business make it possible for companies to keep important supplies in stock through the pandemic, but we also offered the best possible prices on material handling supply products to help businesses keep costs down. 


By accessing many different vendors all in one place, businesses are able to comparison-shop multiple options for the products they need. Amazon’s shopping interface also offers easy-to-see pricing for each listing. This means you can avoid the nontransparent pricing that many suppliers provide, and you’ll know you are getting the best possible price for the items you order. 


Plus, with an Amazon Business account, companies get access to business-only prices that they won’t find elsewhere. In addition, when you order certain items in large quantities, you can get wholesale and bulk discounts. Many products offer tiered pricing, meaning the larger number of units you order within a 12-month period, the deeper the discount you can earn. These savings were essential for companies that did material handling to pull through the economic difficulties of the pandemic.


Reliable and quick shipping

During the supply chain disruptions brought on by the pandemic, finding material handling supply products within reasonable shipping times was very difficult. This made keeping products in stock, and fulfilling orders quickly, a real challenge for many supply companies. 


Thanks to our wide network and streamlined processes, Amazon Business was able to maintain fast, reliable shipping throughout the pandemic. This allowed companies to order and receive their items quickly.


Our shipping options give you flexibility and control too. We offer cost-effective two-day shipping to get businesses their products fast. If a company is out of a product that they need to restock immediately, they can select our super-quick overnight shipping to keep their business moving. 


With Amazon, businesses were able to keep their stores up and running with our affordable, fast shipping options on difficult-to-source material handling supply products.


Team-friendly features

With large teams, many companies need options that allow for easy integration of team members into the purchasing process. It can become a bottleneck in the workflow to rely on only one person to make every purchase. 


At Amazon Business, we understand that multiple team members often need access to purchasing supplies. We allow companies with Amazon Business accounts to create multiple user accounts, so more managers can be empowered to assist with purchasing. 


The permissions of these user accounts can be managed by the main account holder, so that only very trusted team members can make large purchases or access sensitive information. 


If you want to see how Amazon Business can help your company keep the material handling supply products you use in stock, create your free account today and browse our huge selection of industrial supply products. 

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