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Office furniture trends

Whether you are working from home or going into a business office, office spaces for small businesses continue to evolve. Check out a few ways to reimagine your workspace.

Flexibility and wellness continue to be hot topics in when it comes to how to design workspaces. We’ve outlined a few ways to easily integrate both into your plan. 


Flexible work spaces


Rearrange with ease

The changing landscape of work means that spaces need to be more flexible and multi-purpose than ever. An easy way to make a space modular is to put as many elements as possible – desks, chairs, shelves, room dividers, white boards, file cabinets, media cabinets – on wheels. Shop wheeled office furniture >


Fold and store

Another way to make a space serve multiple purposes is to invest in a collapsible desk. These desks come in different varieties – some fold flat to be easily stored away in a closet while others attach to a wall. Shop collapsible desks >


Work from anywhere

Whether you are traveling from your workspace to a conference room, dining room table to the living room, or you are working remotely on a small island (some laptop lap desks are very lightweight and travel-friendly), a portable laptop lap desk can be an asset. Shop laptop lap desks > 


Focus on wellness


Sit less

“Sit-stand” also known as adjustable height desks are a popular solution to keep you from sitting at a desk all day. However, if your office space is too small or you don’t want to replace your existing desk for an adjustable height desk, consider an adjustable height laptop stand. Some laptop stands even come with shelving and wheels. Shop laptop stands >


Improve ergonomics

To help you maintain your posture, laptop risers help you position your eye level, keyboard, and more. Shop laptop stand risers > 


Prevent infectious disease

To help prevent the spread of infectious disease, desk shields help contain irritants. Plexi-glass desk shields help you maintain visibility and communication, while still creating a barrier. Shop desk shields >


Add natural elements

Whether you prefer the ocean, forest, prairie or desert, bringing the outdoors in can help increase well-being. We’ve shared a few top ways to add the elements to your space. Explore rustic office furniture styles and décor, faux plants, and nature-inspired wall art


Create open space

One way to create mental clarity is to declutter and create clear surfaces and spaces within your work environment. With so many ways to organize, from rolling filing cabinets to wall-based storage to desktop organizers, you have many options to choose from.  Another trick to help open up a space, especially when working in a small environment, is to incorporate acrylic furniture, chairs, and office accessories into the design. The “invisible” nature of acrylic can lighten up a space. You can even find ceiling fans with acrylic blades that work well for low ceilings.  


More office-related trends


If you love office supplies, check out the latest office supply trends. Looking for office furniture basics? For great quality and value-priced office furniture, shop Amazon Basics

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