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Reshape Recap: Private Brands, Better Outcomes

Learn how Amazon Business supports private label brands

At the Amazon Business Reshape event, Matt Taddy, Vice President of Amazon Private Brands, took to the stage to share how Amazon Private Brands help organizations purchase quality products while maintaining costs.

Amazon Private Brands is a collection of over 40 private label brands, including Amazon Basics, Amazon Aware, Presto! and more.

A brand Taddy finds particularly exciting is Amazon Commercial, which delivers commercial-grade and competitively priced products made for the unique needs of business customers. Whether for janitorial and sanitation, food service, or furniture and storage solutions, Amazon Commercial offers economical supplies that help support business operations.

One of the key differentiators of Amazon Private Brands, according to Taddy, is the ability to collect and take action on customer feedback. “We have huge numbers of reviews and ratings,” Taddy said. This feedback is used throughout the quality engineering and manufacturing processes to improve products and create a better experience for customers.

As Taddy explained, “We want to understand what products we need to be making, how we need to be making products, and how we need to be measuring things in our production process to help you get more out of Amazon Business.”

Amazon Business can help streamline bulk buying of products, including Amazon Commercial items, with on-demand tools for recurring deliveries and high-volume purchases.

Amazon Aware is another label helping organizations focus on impact. All Amazon Aware products are Climate Pledge Friendly (CPF), and products are continually measured by their carbon footprint. “One of the reasons I took the role with Amazon Private Brands,” said Taddy, “was because of the challenge of creating more sustainable products and using the manufacturing organization to pull carbon out of Amazon’s and our customer’s footprint.”

For organizations focused on environmentally friendly practices, Amazon Business can help meet responsible purchasing goals by guiding buyers toward environmental, social, and governance (ESG)-friendly [CA1] [DS2] products and sellers, where buyers can easily identify and purchase preferred products that contribute to ESG goals.

Whether you’re looking to improve cost efficiency on bulk orders of cleaning supplies or trying to easily find CPF-certified products to meet sustainability goals, Amazon Business and Amazon Private Brands can help you focus on making smarter buying decisions, faster.

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