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Simplify & Centralize Your Commercial Kitchen Buying

Getting everything you need for your kitchen is a nigh-impossible task even when you're just purchasing for your own home. This is doubly true when you're responsible for keeping a commercial kitchen well stocked and up to date with the latest kitchen supplies. And in today's world of shipping delays and supply chain issues, it's only become more difficult to get your staff what they require. 


At Amazon, we know how vital it is to have the commercial kitchen supplies you need. We also know that it can be disastrous when you don't have all the items necessary to keeping your restaurant or commercial kitchen running. To that end, we've created our Amazon Business services in order to help you get the equipment you need in a timely manner and for a great price.


We enable you to get what you need when you need it with a variety of useful service options such as multi-distributor purchasing, multiple user accounts and our world-renowned rapid shipping options, which always get you your products as quickly as possible.


Give your employees the help they need with multiple purchaser accountants

We all know that a commercial kitchen can be a hectic environment. Often times, it's easy for supplies to run low without someone who has purchasing power noticing the situation. The problem is that when supplies run low in a commercial kitchen, it can throw a major wrench into your plans. In fact, it can stop your operations altogether.


Another issue can arise when people who can't make purchases have to run purchase requests up the ladder. It may take days to hear back, causing staff to have to wait to get their work back on track.


At Amazon, we know how running low on supplies can interrupt your workflow. So we've developed services that can help to ensure that you never run into these frustrating issues. With a free Amazon Business account, you can set up multiple users with accounts that have limited purchasing power, without sacrificing your oversight on the account. This way, you can assign accounts to particular managers throughout your kitchen, and they can purchase equipment or supplies when they notice that stores are running low without having to involve your whole purchasing department. Additionally, these accounts can be designed with customized purchasing limits that ensure the purchases being made don’t exceed what you're comfortable spending.


Get all the supplies you need with multi-distributor purchasing

When you're looking to buy commercial kitchen supplies, the volume and breadth of products needed can often result in frustrating complexities. There's always a risk of your standard distributors running out of the products that you need, which can put a damper on your plans to purchase new goods for your staff. This can slow down your business and make it difficult to get back on track to reach your chosen financial goals. 


Another disadvantage of traditional, single-supplier purchasing methods is how many orders you need to place. Not every distributor carries all the products that you need. This may force you to check out multiple distributors in order to get a hold of commercial kitchen supplies that you need to keep your facility operating.


Amazon offers multi-distributor purchasing that can help you overcome these challenges. With multi-distributor purchasing, you'll have the ability to grab the products you need from several different distributors while staying on a single platform. The main advantage to this is that you won't have to go and place several orders in order to get the commercial kitchen supplies you need.


Also beneficial is the fact that ordering from a single location can allow your shipment to come to you in one piece rather than several different packages. And because all purchases made through Amazon feature our world-renowned fast shipping, you can rest assured that your order will get to you in a timely manner.


Take advantage of quick shipping for commercial kitchen supplies

Finally, one of the biggest benefits of shopping with Amazon for commercial kitchen supplies is rapid shipping. Our shipments go out faster and get to you more quickly than other companies’ deliveries can. So you'll spend less time waiting on equipment and more time keeping your business operating smoothly. 


Purchasing from other companies puts you at the mercy of whatever carriers and shipping methods they choose, and that can cost you a lot of time. In some cases, their shipping options may be prohibitively expensive as well. At Amazon, we offer free shipping on nearly every product, and many of our commercial kitchen supplies will get to you within a few days. By taking advantage of our shipping capabilities, you can get products into the hands of your employees who need them with minimal delay.


Interested in checking out the many benefits of buying your supplies with Amazon? Set up a free Amazon Business account today and find out more about how our quick shipping, multi-distributor purchasing and multiple user account features can help you achieve your goals.

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