Budget Management Update: Set Recurring Budgets

Administrators can create periodic budget and update process at weekly, monthly, and yearly levels.
Release Date: 31 August 2023
Last Updated: 12 September 2023

This update is currently available to all Amazon Business customers worldwide.

  • What is Recurring Budgets?
    When creating a blanket PO, administrators can simply select whether or not they would like to make a budget automatically reoccur on a weekly, monthly, or yearly cadence. Previously a manual and time consuming process, this new update makes it easier for administrators to create, maintain, and manage budgets for their organization.


  • How does it work?
    1. Sign in to your Amazon Business account and go to Business settings.
    2. Under Quick Actions, select Manage Budgets, and then choose the appropriate group or subgroup.
    3. Select Add a blanket PO, from the drop-down menu choose either Add one or Add or edit in bulk.
    4. Name your budget, add an optional note for buyers, and input the budget amount.
    5. Check the box if you would like buyers to see the budget amount and remaining funds for the blanket PO at checkout.
    6. Check the box if you would like group admins to receive notifications when funds are low.
    7. Check the box to Make this a recurring budget, from the drop-down select the frequency the budget will occur (weekly, monthly, yearly).
    8. Check the box if you would like to rollover unspent funds into the next cycle.
    9. Input your Start date and End date.
    10. Select submit to save your recurring budgets.


  • What are the customer benefits?
    With the new functionality to make a budget reoccur to buyers on a weekly, monthly, or yearly cadence, administrators gain back time with the ability to streamline the budget creation and management process.


  • Where are we launching?
    Budget Management and Recurring budgets are both available to customers worldwide.


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