Have confidence in your purchasing process

Have confidence in your purchasing process

As procurement becomes increasingly digital, traditional processes need to transform. Using Budget Management, procurement teams can maintain the controls and guardrails they require while empowering their buyers with greater purchasing authority. Infuse your procurement process with budgetary transparency and use control check-points like pre-purchase approvals to reduce dependencies on manual process and operate more efficiently, end-to-end. 

Experience these benefits when using Budget Management

  • Simple, transparent buying

    Set spend thresholds to get ahead of overspending. Choose to make budget amounts visible to your buyers so they can make informed purchasing decisions on channels that are easily trackable.

  • Actively manage your budgets

    Create a reliable purchasing process with real-time usage tracking and reports that connect to Amazon Business Analytics. Easily edit a budget’s amount, duration, and active status. 

  • Take back your time

    Create one PO instead of multiple, manual orders to decrease the amount of time spent auditing purchases so you can focus on other priorities.

“Amazon Business’ Budget Management tool removes much of the bureaucracy from our ordering process. Teachers used to need to enter a requisition with an itemized product list. Now, they can submit orders directly on Amazon Business with pre-approved budgets, and we approve the orders online. The Budget Management tool saves us countless staff hours and gets the products to our classrooms faster while maintaining oversight.”

— Jeffrey Lewis, Director of Purchasing - Jurupa Unified School District (CA)

Ready to manage your budgets?

Go to Business Settings within your Amazon Business account to create budgets now. Remember to first select the group you want to assign the budget.