Medical equipment and over-the-counter supplies for long-term care professionals

Medical supplies buying guide for long-term care

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Medical equipment and over-the-counter supplies for long-term care professionals


Whether you’re thinking about opening a long-term care facility or you need medical supplies to keep yours running smoothly, Amazon Business can help. We’ve curated an assortment of professional medical supplies, in the sizes and quantities you need, to run any size facility. 


Challenges in the long-term care industry

Long-term care facilities face unique challenges and we’ve worked with suppliers and facilities to understand these challenges and supply them with products to help. What are some of the challenges?

One example is keeping residents and staff as safe as you can, given the close quarters and living situation of many facilities. Many residents are older, tend to be susceptible to infection, and may have underlying conditions.  These types of factors mean that long-term care facilities may be at higher risk of the spread of communicable diseases.


To help you combat that risk, we’ve created this guide so you can find supplies that can help you keep your residents and employees safe and healthy. Below, we’ve listed the main nursing supply and long-term care categories (with products listed underneath), vital to the health and safety of those living and working in long-term care facilities.


Personal protective equipment (PPE) and daily consumables

  • Exam table paper
  • Sharps containers
  • N95 masks


Diagnostic instruments and supplies

  • Stethoscopes
  • Blood pressure monitors
  • Otoscope


Respiratory and patient consumables

  • Nasal oxygen cannulas
  • Pulse oximeters
  • Oxygen regulators


Incontinence and Nursing Supplies

  • Underpads
  • Gauze sponges
  • Baby wipes and disposable cloths


Rehabilitation and mobility

  • Resistance bars
  • Walkers
  • Kinesiology tape


Beds and mattresses

  • Overbred tables
  • Fluid-resistant mattresses
  • Hospital mattresses



In addition to keeping an inventory of supplies in each of the categories above, here are some other product-related tips:

  • Keep plenty of hand-hygiene products in stock: In particular, use plenty of alcohol swabs and make sure you have ample soap and paper towels for handwashing.
  • Have products for respiratory equipment cleaning and cough etiquette: Make tissues and trashcans available in common areas and resident rooms.
  • Monitor PPE daily: Many of these supplies, like masks, can only be used once or they tend to run out quickly. Because they’re critical to resident and employee safety, be sure to monitor their inventory daily.



How Amazon Business can help save on medical supplies

When you work with Amazon Business, you’ll get  access to professional medical, and long-term medical supplies in the quantities and sizes you need to help keep your facility clean, and your supply rooms stocked. We have supplies from top-rated brands, like: Johnson & Johnson, Medtronic, General Electric, and more. To help you cut costs, you have savings options like Quantity Discounts, which start at tiers of just two items in many of the categories above. Shopping on our store also gives you access to long-term care and professional medical supplies with ratings from other healthcare organizations that you can trust.



Additional benefits of joining Amazon Business

Getting the supplies you need is just one part of what Amazon Business can do for you.  In fact, we specialize in providing long-term care facilities with medical purchasing solutions to streamline operations. We also have supplies across nine different categories, all with competitive pricing, often lower than So, even if you need non-professional medical supplies in categories like IT or Office, we’ve got what you need.


You’ll also discover more ways to save especially reserved for Amazon Business customers. For example, you’ll access our business-plus selection (you must be an Amazon Business customer to access business-plus prices), which represents top-rated, 4-star products and supplies from highly rated brands. You can also sign up for Recurring Deliveries, which is especially helpful for medical supplies (like PPE) that you’ll need to reorder on a consistent basis. You can even enroll in a Business Prime membership program with its own set of delivery options and savings to keep your organization moving forward. 

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