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Actionable insights to innovate the supply chain

Blaine Eberhart of Amazon Business joined the SupplyChainTalk podcast to discuss actionable insights to innovate across the supply chain.

Data shows that digitizing supply chains remains a challenge

The world is going digital at a rapid pace. Not only can investing in digital technologies help to lower costs, improve efficiency, and build resilience, these investments can mitigate short- and long-term risks while helping to address environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues. However, PwC’s 2023 Digital Trends in Supply Chain Survey found that despite the abundance and potential of these solutions, few executives say their companies have plans to automate and enhance the supply chain execution over the next 24 months. Worse, the survey found that 83% of executives say that their supply chain technology investments haven't filly delivered the expected results.

Blaine Eberhart, Hospitality, Retail and Real Estate Leader and Amazon Business, recently joined host Alastair Charatan of SupplyChainTalk to discuss actionable insights to innovate across the supply chain. The panel included speakers from PriceWaterhouse Coopers, Oracle, and the University of Denver. Their conversation covered the following questions:

  • Adopting advanced analytics to identify processes, and predict demand, enabling proactive decision-making and innovation
  • How emerging technologies like AI, blockchain, and IoT can be used to enhance supply chain visibility, traceability, and automation
  • Fostering collaboration and partnerships to share insights, solve problems, reduce costs and improve efficiency – ultimately meeting customer needs


Watch the video, or read the full recap below.


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