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Pay the way you want with Amazon Business

Choose from multiple payment methods, and easily set up your account to purchase efficiently.

So let’s look at your options for shared payment.

  • Bank-issued credit cards: These are corporate cards managed through your bank. You can set up these cards as a shared payment method.
  • Pay by Invoice: This is a payment method that allows eligible organizations to purchase on payment terms. Pay by Invoice is a secure payment method that can supplement or replace existing payment methods. Using this payment method allows organizations to free up cash flow and streamline purchasing and payment processes.


It’s important to note that our shared payments allow you to set up payment methods and shipping addresses from a single account. You can add employees and teams all to one, multi-user account to streamline purchasing. This consolidation gives you control over all buyers in your organization and how they make purchases.


Customizing your payment method also helps you to get an easier picture into your organizational spending and better manage budgets. You can choose to enable purchasing for only select groups in your organization and customize which shared payment methods are available to each.


Now that you’ve learned a little about shared payments and which payment options are available to you, check out more on our Pay by Invoice purchasing line.

Learn more about our shared payment options and pay the way you want with Amazon Business.

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