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How Amazon Helps Property Maintenance Professionals Respond Quickly to Tenant Issues

If you are a property management professional or property owner, then you are more than aware of the responsibility of managing maintenance issues and meeting tenant expectations. In fact, as the number of tenants and properties increases, so do the complexities of quickly responding as problems arise. 


Daily maintenance issues can range from a leaky faucet or a clogged garbage disposal to emergency calls such as overflowing toilets. When it comes to handling maintenance calls, a swift response not only helps keep the property protected but also keeps its tenants and occupants happy. 


Amazon Business helps property owners of all sizes get the property maintainance supplies they need delivered fast, at the best prices available and with the largest inventory of choices! 


The importance of having property maintenance supplies on hand

The severity of maintenance issues can range from low urgency or moderate to high urgency issues. Typically, a high urgency issue, such as a lack of heat during the winter months, zero access to hot water, a clogged or overflowing toilet, a potential gas leak or even dangerous structural weakness, requires immediate attention — within the same day or sometimes within the same hour. 


Other issues that may be moderate or low urgency requests include non-working appliances, cracked tiles, or what is considered more cosmetic maintenance requests. Most maintenance requests regardless of urgency can become an issue for your tenants. 


The COVID-19 pandemic put a wrench in the flow of major supply chains, and property maintenance supplies were no exception. Property managers and landlords were faced with deprioritizing low urgency maintenance requests because these supplies were in high demand but short supply. 


How Amazon helps property managers keep maintenance supplies in stock

Despite the supply chain slowdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Amazon has been able to keep up with the pace of inventory demand for small and medium-sized businesses by leveraging its many relationships with third-party sellers. Additionally, Amazon has 175 fulfillment centers across the world, with over 150 million square feet of space. 


Amazon dedicates at least 800,000 square feet of warehouse space to these third-party sellers so that inventory is constantly stocked. This means we can supply all the property maintenance supplies and landscaping and groundskeeping equipment your business needs, when you need it. 


Shop Amazon for all your property maintenance supplies and needs

Responding to repair calls from tenants is easier when you shop Amazon’s large selection of property maintenance supplies. Keep HVAC units running in top shape with a wide selection of tools, parts and supplies, from thermostats and filters to air conditioner systems, Inficon D-TEK 3 Refrigerant Leak Detectors and more. 


If you need tape, Amazon stocks many different types of tape no matter what you need to fix on your property. Shop for name-brand products such as Scotch Heavy Duty Packaging Tape, Gorilla Duct Tape and Duck HD Clear Heavy Duty Packing Tape Refill.


Safety and security are essential when managing your property. Amazon has a giant selection of Master Lock Heavy Duty Outdoor Combination Locks or a Master Lock Outdoor Padlock with Key available in a 3 pack to secure all your equipment. Keep a watchful eye on your property and prevent theft when you shop Amazon for 24-hour video surveillance cameras and no trespassing warning signs to post throughout your property. 


Prevent accidents when you stock your breakroom with Amazon’s extensive line of first aid kits, CPR masks for adults, infants and children, emergency eye wash stations, alcohol prep pads and nitrile gloves.


Property management requires a well-stocked office as well. Amazon carries everything you need to submit correspondence and invoices to tenants including 6-pack rolls of Scotch Magic Tape, multipurpose scissors, Hammermill Printer Paper (20lb) and a variety of pens and notebooks. And don’t forget to stock up on all your bathroom, breakroom and common room supplies such as Scott Essential Multifold Paper Towels and Kleenex Professional Facial Tissue Cube for Business.


With Amazon Business you can keep all your property maintenance supplies in stock and delivered to you—fast and free! 


Multiple user accounts streamline ordering

If your property management team is spread across a large area, you might need to keep property maintenance supplies handy at multiple locations. Especially for typical routine types of repairs, the last thing you want is to not have the items you need to fix a tenant’s issue at the ready. If all purchasing is done from one office, miscommunication can get in the way of making sure supplies are available. In this situation, it would be easier if the staff on site, or at least those close to them, were permitted to make certain purchasing decisions on their own.


Amazon Business's multiple user account feature enables you to create user accounts for additional staff. With these accounts, you can set purchase limits to keep their requests within your budget, but still make your property management team operate more efficiently. Multiple accounts enable the staff that is closest to a supply or equipment shortage to purchase what they need without having to wait for approvals or for someone else to place the order. 


Interested in these features? Sign up for a free Amazon Business account today to take advantage of fast shipping, multiple user accounts, easy purchasing and the most extensive stock online of property management supplies!

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