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When There's A lot to Pack, Amazon's Wholesale Packing Supplies are Easy to Buy

We know that small businesses like yours need packing supplies in order to meet your customers’ needs. But with the supply chain being severely impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, it's harder than ever to get exactly what you need from the traditional sources.


In particular, it has been incredibly difficult to find wholesale packing supplies. The volume of shipments being demanded by consumers is higher than ever as people aim to stay at home to follow quarantine guidelines. At the same time, wholesale packing supplies are more necessary than ever, as much of your customer base is likely online and hoping for good shipping options from your company.


At Amazon, we're a big fan of small businesses. We want to make sure you have the packing materials that you need in order to service the needs of your customers.


To that end, we've designed Amazon Business to be the perfect platform for you to get your hands on all the supplies that you need without delay. We enable you to obtain the materials you need through a suite of different services that are designed to help businesses like yours. These features include rapid shipping and multiple-account purchasing. If you need shipping materials in order to get your products out the door, then read on to find out how Amazon is helping small businesses secure the quality packing materials they need.


Why the supply chain is impacting businesses for moving companies

Right now the supply chain is more strained than it has ever been. The reasons for this are fairly simple, and mostly a consequence of the COVID-19 pandemic. The COVID-19 pandemic has affected virtually every level of the supply chain. Manufacturers can't get enough workers to make materials at a pre-pandemic pace. At the same time, the number of ships and crew members that were previously available has dipped drastically. This has led to severe delays when it comes to getting the packing materials that you need in order to get your own products to customers across the country.


So what are we doing about it? Amazon has leveraged our preexisting relationships and investments within the logistics world to keep things moving smoothly. So while other companies are struggling to deliver products to their customers, you can rest assured that Amazon is leveraging all of its assets in order to make sure that we maintain our high standard of satisfaction.


Amazon packing materials make it to your door faster

There are few things more important to a retail organization than wholesale packing supplies. Without a steady supply of packing supplies showing up at your doorstep, it becomes difficult to ship your products out to the customers who are relying on your products. This has only become truer during the peak days of the pandemic, as people are shifting ever more to online retail options in an effort to keep themselves and their neighbors safe from a potential infection or outbreak. 


At Amazon, we're known for a wide variety of innovations. But if you asked the average person about the biggest benefit that we provide, they’d likely reference our fast shipping speeds. This is just as true when it comes to servicing our business customers.


When you purchase packaging materials from Amazon, you can rely on that same shipping speed to keep your warehouse well stocked with all the materials you need. And best of all, we help make sure that you won't run into out-of-stock alerts as we work with multiple distributors in order to get you the products that you need to keep your shipping operations in motion.


Individual teams can make purchases quickly with multiple accounts

One of the toughest parts of running any shipping operation is keeping everyone on the same page. In many cases, it's easy for something to go awry at the lower levels of the company, and then take days or even weeks for that mishap to make it up to the desks of people who can do something about it. When that mishap is running out of packing materials, it's something that needs to be rectified as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, running purchasing requests up and down the management ladder is rarely the most time-efficient method of getting things done.


To counter this natural difficulty within your organization, we've enabled Amazon Business accounts to contain multiple accounts within them that can be distributed amongst your workforce. With these individual accounts, you can authorize your shipping staff to purchase new wholesale packing supplies as soon as they notice supplies are dwindling. By doing this, you'll save time and frustrations. And if you're worried about giving up purchasing control, then have no fear. You can set purchasing limits on these accounts in order to make sure that your employees are only buying as much as is absolutely necessary, and that any expensive orders still have to be vetted by you or a trusted manager.


If you're interested in exploring the many services offered by Amazon in order to get your small business the packing supplies that you need, then you're just a few clicks away. Sign up for a free Amazon Business account today to take advantage of our best-in-class services.

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