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Auto Supply Stores Run on Amazon


In the modern age, a car isn't just a luxury, it's a necessity. As an auto supply store, if you're unable to supply your customers with the supplies that they need, then you're leaving dozens of people to wait while their life is put on pause. Recently, getting auto parts has become even more difficult than before thanks to global supply chain issues. All of this has resulted in countless delays, leaving untold numbers of people waiting to get back to their daily routines.


Thankfully, Amazon can help solve your auto parts store's supply chain woes. We offer solutions that are designed to get you the auto parts you need, no matter how mixed up supply chains get. Whether you need goods to arrive at your doorstep more quickly, or need a way to overcome bottlenecks within your purchasing department, we have a solution for your auto parts store!


Standard auto parts supply chains weren’t working

One of the biggest issues facing auto supply stores is the constant backups from traditional supply chains failing. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and several other related factors, shipping ports are backed up and products are taking longer than ever to get to their intended destination. This stems from worker shortages caused by the pandemic, along with reduced worker numbers in order to limit the spread of the virus itself.


These issues have trickled down from manufacturing all the way to shipping, leaving ship crews understaffed, severely reducing the number of ships that are able to transport products. It has also affected dock workers, who are struggling to keep up with even the reduced shipping volumes that we have already seen.


At Amazon, we have extensive supply chain relationships that allow us access to high-quality, on-time shipments that most companies would struggle to get. Thanks to these connections, we're able to provide the same benefits to our customers. We consolidate a variety of auto supplies from the world's most trusted manufacturers and then combine that with our logistics expertise, making it easier for stores like yours to get the parts that they need.


Amazon allows purchasing departments to buy from multiple distributors

When most purchasing departments work to get supplies, they have to make all their purchases from one distributor at a time. While this is the way things have traditionally operated, it's not the most efficient way to get your store stocked or your service bay filled with the right parts. 


Amazon works with countless distributors, making it easy for you to get the products you need right when you need them. Instead of having to bounce around various distributor websites, you can purchase everything you need from a single interface.


Not only does this save you a lot of time, it saves headache and hassle when it comes to shipping too. Gone are the days of waiting for dozens of different shipments to come in at inconsistent intervals. Now you can get all the supplies you need in bulk shipments, ensuring that your products get to your doorstep even faster than before. 


Purchasing could be made by mechanics in the service bay

Sometimes, purchasing departments don't get word that a new product is needed until it is too late to avoid a delay. This is doubly true when it comes to the mechanics in the service bay, who often need to get supplies and parts as quickly as possible in order to avoid delays on a customer's vehicle repair. Often, the amount of time that it takes to go through the entire process of getting a purchasing department to order something takes longer than the actual ordering process. 


Our Amazon Business accounts allow you to set up multiple users with purchasing permissions. This means that you can set up your mechanics to be able to make purchases within cost limits that you set. By enabling your mechanics to make purchasing decisions at this level, you can avoid the slowdowns that often come with going back and forth between mechanics and purchasing departments. Ultimately, this can lead to faster repairs, happier customers and more business. 


Fast shipping means parts are there faster to complete repairs

Finally, we know the pain of waiting for days on end for a vital part to get to your store's service bay. You know that every day that the car doesn't leave in the hands of a satisfied customer is another day that you can't add another car to your service bay, or even worse, another customer that won't come back to your store. But when you order shipments of auto supplies using traditional means, you're at the mercy of their shipping operations and their chosen carrier.


At Amazon, we're world-renowned for our fast shipping, but did you know that that's not just a benefit that home consumers can use? We provide rapid business shipping that allows you to get your parts when you need them as quickly as possible. In many cases, you'll receive your order within two or three days of placing it. This leads to shorter repair times and happier customers, which can net you more business through both word of mouth and return customers.


Interested in improving the efficiency of your auto parts and repair store? Sign up for a free Amazon Business account today to see how our shipping, purchasing options and multiple account benefits can help you succeed.

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