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How Nonprofits Can Benefit from Online Donation Tools

As with many aspects of life, the donation process continues to evolve and become more digital. While traditional fundraisers will always have their place, online donation tools are becoming increasingly popular additions to fundraising methods.

Shifting Preferences

As a nonprofit, diversifying funding methods are crucial for sustainability and mission success. Relying on one method leaves the organization vulnerable during economic changes. The rise of online giving tools, social media, and mobile technology has made it easier for nonprofits to reach a wider audience and accept donations from anywhere at any time. This has led to an increase in online donations, which now account for a significant portion of overall donations.


This increase is in line with donor preferences as, according to a Global Trends in Giving survey, 55% of donors worldwide prefer to give online with a credit or debit card. The rise of these digital solutions present additional opportunities for nonprofits to better understand donors and tailor fundraising efforts accordingly, such as customizing the giving experience. This has led to a more personalized and efficient fundraising experience for both donors and nonprofits.


Fundraising Tactics

In addition to traditional fundraising methods, there are many ways for nonprofits to raise donations by diversifying fundraising strategies. This can include seeking sponsorships from businesses or individuals, researching and applying for grants from foundations, government agencies, and corporations, forming corporate partnerships with businesses to create mutually beneficial opportunities, or using online donation tools like Donation Driver, which allow donors to purchase from a curated wish list of needed items online. By diversifying fundraising strategies, nonprofits can reach a wider audience, attract new donors, and increase overall donations.


Online donation tools like Donation Driver have become increasingly popular among nonprofits as a way to reach a wider audience and accept donations from anywhere at any time. These tools provide a convenient, easy and secure way for donors to contribute to causes they care about. Online donation tools provide several benefits:

  • Frictionless donation process: Reducing friction in the donation process makes easy for donors to by providing a simple and user-friendly interface. This can increase the likelihood of repeat donations and improve donor retention.
  • Recurring donations: Donors can set up recurring donations, which can help secure a steady stream of donations and improve donor retention over time.
  • Personalize donor communications: Report on donations can be used to identify patterns and trends in donor behavior, improve retention and engagement, and allow for personalized communication.
  • Multichannel donation options: Accepting donations via credit card and ACH means that nonprofits can accept donations from donors who prefer to use any of these payment methods, increasing the chances of donations.
  • Notifications and reminders: Nonprofits can set up automatic notifications and reminders to donors, which can help increase engagement and encourage repeat donations. This allows nonprofits to connect with donors who started but haven’t completed the donation process. 
  • Lower costs: Lower transaction fees than traditional fundraising methods allow nonprofits to keep more of the donations they receive. 
  • Easy to implement: Online donation tools are easily integrated into a nonprofit's existing website and marketing efforts, which can help to streamline the fundraising process.
  • Security: Online donation tools are more secure and can protect both donors and the nonprofit from fraud.

"Donation Driver has supported our expansion to become a national organization. This integration connects us with an unrivaled base of potential donors. Thank you for connecting us to a network of new donors who were looking for us but didn’t know where or how to reach us!” 

— Rich Gentile, CEO Santa for a Day

While it is important to meet your donors where they are, it is equally important to show them why they should be choosing your nonprofit. Nonprofits can communicate their mission and impact upon the community, highlighting the cost-effectiveness of their operations, and being transparent about their finances to build trust with donors and inspire them to give, even during tough economic times.


Overall, there are many ways for nonprofits to raise donations beyond traditional fundraisers. By diversifying fundraising strategies and demonstrating impact, nonprofits can reach a wider audience, attract new donors, increase overall donations, and better weather economic uncertainty. Click here to learn more about how your nonprofit can implement growth strategies in any economy.

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