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Business Prime adds two new benefits to enhance spending visibility

Guided Buying Blocking and Spend Visibility Policy Adherence Dashboards help you manage spending and purchasing goals for your organization.

Guided Buying and Spend Visibility are two Business Prime features that when used together, provide greater insights into your spending patterns. New capabilities in these products can help you achieve broad visibility into your spend, while making it easier to manage activities across your organization and stay on track with your purchasing goals.


Guided Buying Blocking


Guided Buying helps track your organization’s purchasing goals by automatically guiding buyers to the right products or suppliers. You can identify preferred products or suppliers, restrict categories, and help buyers find what they are approved to buy. Buyers can still submit requests to purchase items from restricted categories, but the request will go to a reviewer to provide an exemption or decline.


To help buyers avoid products that violate your organization’s policy, such as alcohol or gift cards, Business Prime Enterprise customers can now enable Blocking policies. The Add to Cart button is disabled for items in blocked categories, increasing buyer efficiency and decreasing the burden on approvers.

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Guided Buying Blocking is available in the Business Prime Enterprise plan only. For more information on Guided Buying, visit our product or help page.


Spend Visibility Policy Adherence Dashboard


Spend Visibility, powered by Amazon QuickSight, allows you to quickly discover purchasing insights through interactive, visual, out-of-the-box dashboards. The Policy Adherence dashboard automatically pulls your spending data from your Guided Buying policies, showing you how close you are to meeting your organization’s spending goals.


For example, your Restricted Spend Report shows the number and percent of restricted orders and amount, with the ability to drill down into things like the category, buyer, or group. You can also compare your restricted or preferred spend to your total spend over a timeframe.

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Spend Visibility is available in the Business Prime Small, Medium, and Enterprise plans. For more information on Spend Visibility, visit our product or help page.

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