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Get more value from your membership with Business Prime Rewards

Customers with an active Duo or Essentials plan can now earn rewards after qualifying activities redeemable on future purchases

Business Prime continues to cook up new ways to pass savings along to its members. In 2023, we rolled out free Duo for Prime members, making it easier for sole proprietors to separate their home purchases from work, and allowing them to save time and money when they buy for their small business.

This year, we’re putting savings directly back in our members’ pockets with Business Prime Rewards.

Starting today, US customers with an active Duo or Essentials membership plan are now eligible to earn rewards when they complete actions in their account. These rewards — redeemable on future purchases as an alternate payment method at checkout — can be enjoyed alongside other benefits of being an Amazon Business customer with Business Prime.

“We’re always looking for ways for customers to get more from their business buying,” said Mark Miller, worldwide head of Business Prime. “Whether it's by rewarding customers for discovering new features, or making bulk purchases for their organization, this is our way to say thank you to those who deepen their engagement with Amazon Business.”

Visit your Business Prime Rewards Dashboard

How to earn rewards

When you visit the Rewards Dashboard, you’re served offers that prompt you to take an action in your account. Each action is paired with a potential earning opportunity. Once you complete that action, you will receive an email (up to 72 hours later, in some cases) alerting you that you can start earning Rewards. In total, you are eligible to earn up to $1,000 in Business Prime Rewards per year. One Business Prime Rewards point is equal to 1 cent in value.

Getting set up is easy.

Step 1: Sign up for Business Prime
To be eligible to earn rewards, you must first be an Amazon Business customer with an active Business Prime Duo or Essentials membership plan. If you’re a sole proprietor buying for your business using your personal Amazon Prime membership, you may be eligible for free Business Prime Duo. For customers who require up to three users on an account, the Essentials plan might be a better fit. Learn more about the benefits of each plan.

Step 2: Visit your Rewards Dashboard
Customers on a Duo or Essentials plan may be eligible to earn Rewards. To view the offers available in your account, head to the Rewards Dashboard

Business Prime Rewards dashboard image is meant as an example and is subject to change. 

Business Prime Rewards

Step 3: Activate your offer, complete the action, start earning
If you’re eligible for a reward earning opportunity in your account, just activate the offer ("click to activate") and complete the action (e.g. "add a user"). Once you’ve received confirmation that the action is complete (via email, up to 72 hours later in some cases), you can start earning points on eligible purchases (until the offer expires or until you've reached the maximum offer value).

Business Prime Rewards dashboard image is meant as an example and is subject to change. 

Business Prime Rewards

Step 4: Redeem on future purchases
When you’re ready to put those points to use, just select Business Prime Rewards as a payment method and choose the amount you want to redeem on that order. Don't have enough points to cover the whole order? You'll just cover the difference with your default payment method. 

Business Prime Rewards

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