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Why Buyers are Turning to Amazon for Professional Lab Equipment

Learn why buyers are choosing Amazon for their lab equipment. Get the safety equipment you need quickly with an Amazon Business account.

Buying business supplies for labs is tough. There are countless manufacturers, each of whom make specific, distinct pieces of equipment, and chances are that you'll need different pieces from several of those disparate manufacturers. In the past, you would have had to go to several different suppliers in order to get just a few of the materials you need.


But with the help of Amazon Business, these sourcing concerns can become a thing of the past. No longer will you have to deal with dozens of different websites and locations to get all the professional lab equipment you need. Instead, you can get everything you need in a single place, without having to sacrifice price or quality in order to gain convenience. Instead, you actually gain more benefits alongside the increased convenience of shopping in one location.


Single Supplier Convenience

In the past, everyone's dream was to work with a single supplier, but it was rare to find a supplier who stocked everything that you needed. This was particularly concerning for lab managers, who understood that the diversity of professional lab equipment needed to create a well-stocked laboratory could make the task of sourcing these items needlessly complex.


A big part of what makes using a single supplier so effective is having a single infrastructure and account to purchase several different goods. Multiple-supplier models often become needlessly complex. Jumping from interface to interface increases the likelihood of mistakes and also the likelihood that you will overpay for an item without realizing it.


When you use only one interface, like you would with Amazon Business, you receive better prices because we're able to get the best deals directly from manufacturers. We're then able to pass those savings on to you, as well as the added convenience of using a single marketplace to purchase all your products.


Goods from Multiple Merchants

In addition to using a single interface, you'll also be able to purchase all the supplies you need without having to hop to another website, no matter what manufacturer's products you want. Because of our large user base, we're able to pull together the products from a variety of merchants onto a single site. This is especially important for lab managers who need to get several different types of equipment to a single location and then ensure that the timing works for installations and transportation directly to the lab. 


There are more benefits to having access to multiple merchants than you'd expect. Naturally, you'll be able to save time since you won't need to go to several locations. But you can also save money and increase the efficiency of shipments to your laboratory.


For instance, if you had to go to several different merchants to get items shipped to your location, you'd have to pay for expensive shipping multiple times. To make things even more complex, you'd also have to deal with shipments arriving at your doorstep in an unpredictable pattern, which can be especially frustrating if you have pieces of equipment that rely upon one another arriving at different times.


By placing all your items in one shipment, you not only reduce your shipping costs but also choose a greener solution for your operations. You also increase the likelihood that everything you need will arrive exactly when you need it. Add to that our next day shipping options and low-cost shipping, and you've got the perfect solution for complex lab equipment orders.


Multiple Teams on One Account

As a laboratory manager, you're no doubt busy with dozens of different concerns. And some lab equipment purchases may not need your sign-off. With Amazon Business, you can enable scientists and other lab personnel to make purchases without needing to make it a part of your task list. Instead, they can go ahead and order the small items that they need quickly and without clogging up your work day. And you don't need to worry about other account users going over budget as you can set spending limits for the non-administrator accounts.


This feature is particularly useful for large labs that have several different ongoing projects and numerous scientists each working on a separate experiment. In this scenario, constant back and forth between team members to figure out what to purchase could slow operations to a crawl. Instead of hampering your efficiency, you can now have your scientists take the initiative to solve their own supply problems.


Flexible, Multi-location Shipping Options

If you work for a major company, your labs may not all be in the same location. Our flexible shipping options enable you to ship goods to multiple locations without having to break it all up into several separate orders. This could save you time and headaches when it comes to making major purchasing initiatives. 


Don't make ordering lab equipment any more complex or expensive than it needs to be. Create your Amazon Business account today!

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