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In a Materials Shortage, Construction Companies Use Amazon to Help Them Find Supplies

Construction supply is not a steady industry when it comes to availability of products. There are huge swings in pricing and your ability to find the supplies you need can often be hindered by materials shortages. Nothing can bring the productivity of your construction company to a halt faster than a lack of the needed construction supplies


The team members in charge of purchasing the supplies your company needs likely have to spend a lot of time searching the websites of various suppliers and manufacturers and calling sales teams to ask about product availability. 


Amazon Business helps you avoid this time-consuming process by offering a one-stop shop for construction supply that’s efficient and easy to use.


Shop a huge selection of construction supply products

As a large supplier of construction supplies, Amazon Business is able to work with a huge range of merchants and manufacturers to give you access to all their products in one place. This means no more calling around and surfing websites for hours on end to find the materials you need.


You’ll also be able to find hundreds of products all in stock on one website, which during a materials shortage can be the difference between getting what you need to keep your business running and having to close up shop for lack of available materials. 


Don’t let a construction supply shortage bring your business to a halt — check Amazon for the materials and supplies you use regularly.


Enjoy affordable prices on construction supplies

Another benefit of having all these products on a single platform is that it allows you to easily and quickly shop for the best price on the items you need. You can see the price of each product displayed in an easy-to-find location. No more calling 10 or more different companies for prices to find the highest quality, most affordable product. 


You will also find business-only pricing and quantity discounts on the construction supply products your company uses. If you need certain materials and supplies in large quantities, you can receive a bulk discount through the tiered pricing option, which offers a deeper discount based on the size or the quantity of your order. 


Amazon Business brings you affordable prices and competitive bulk discounts on the construction supplies you know and trust.


Count on fast and reliable shipping

The affordable prices at Amazon Business don’t mean you’ll be dealing with slow or unreliable shipping. We offer speedy shipping that you can trust to get your products to you on time. 


Many suppliers take weeks to get your construction supply products to your jobsite. That is not how things work with Amazon Business. One of our customers’ favorite shipping options is our efficient and cost-effective two-day delivery. Need something for the next day’s job? You can select overnight shipping to get your supplies to your door in time to keep your project moving. 


Stop wasting costly production time waiting on the construction supplies you’ve ordered to get to you. 


Increase efficiency with multiple user accounts

If you have a large team and several ongoing projects, depending on only one person to place all your orders can be a bottleneck to your productivity. Worse yet, if that person is the only one who knows how to make purchases, you run the risk of major kinks in your workflow and construction supply chain if they get an unexpected illness or even take a vacation. 


That’s why at Amazon Business, we offer multiple user accounts. You can bring more team members into the purchasing process for more efficiency and redundancy — no more relying on only one person to take care of all your purchasing. 


You can customize your team members’ user accounts to the needs of your company by setting different permissions for each account. For example, you can allow one or two trusted team members to make large purchases, while limiting the purchase price allowed for other team members. This keeps you from having to place every small supply order, while ensuring that most of your team doesn’t have the ability to place large orders without approval. 


Find the construction supply products your company needs at affordable prices with Amazon Business. Create your free account today.

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