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Dentists Have the Same Purchasing Power as Big Business with Amazon Business


Dentists perform a vital role in preserving a person’s health. The mouth is the gateway to the body, so its health can influence all the other organs. Dentists are able to keep that gateway nice and clean, which can ultimately improve your overall health — or at least make you feel more confident with a bold, beautiful smile. But dentists can't perform their vital work without access to dental supplies that enable them to keep their practice running and serving patients.


At Amazon, we understand how crucial the services provided by dentists are to the public health. We want to make sure dentist offices have the supplies they need in order to serve their patients. To that end, we provide dentists with a wide range of resources that are designed to help them procure dental supplies easily, whenever they need them. By using Amazon Business, dentists can rest assured that they're getting fast shipping and a great price on dental supplies, as well as a host of services that can increase organizational efficiency when it comes to purchasing.


Amazon has dentist supplies available to ship today!

You may have noticed that dental supplies have been more difficult than ever to get thanks to supply chain disruptions. This is partially because of impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic. In particular, it is a waterfall effect of worker shortages due to the pandemic itself.


As manufacturers were unable to get qualified workers to build their products, they had fewer items, including dentist office supplies, to send out to distributors. This led to shortages in shippable products, which became even worse as online retail exploded during the peak days of quarantine. Now, we are dealing with severe delays at major shipping ports like the Port of Los Angeles, which have continued to make getting dental supplies more difficult than it was in the past.


Through Amazon Business, you can find dental supplies that are ready to ship right now. You don't have to worry about our products being out of stock or taking forever to get to your dentist office. Our dental supply store contains products from dozens of distributors. So if you find one product out of stock, you can easily find a comparable product available on the same platform.


Amazon allows purchasing departments to buy from multiple distributors

At many dentist offices, you have an agreement with a single distributor or, at the very least, can only visit one distributor's website at a time. In times of supply chain confusion, this model can lead to products going out of stock and your office not having the dental supplies that you need. Even when everything goes according to plan, tracking multiple supplier orders still creates inefficiencies. Breaking up your orders into many different packages can lead to inconsistent delivery times.


Our purchasing platform enables you to purchase dentist office supplies from a wide variety of distributors, making it easier than ever to get exactly what you want. Another benefit of our multiple distributors is that you can put orders from distinct distributors into a single shipment. This way, your dental supplies can arrive in fewer shipments, making it easier to manage and keep track of delivery dates for your products.


Purchases could be made by dentist office workers

More often than not, a dentist's office is a busy place. If you're the lead dentist, or the person in charge of making purchases, you may not be able to keep track of all the products you need at a given moment. When that happens, it can lead to you running out of supplies, which can be disastrous for your practice and can seriously impact the number of patients that you can see at any given time. 


Amazon Business offers you the option to set up multiple user accounts that can be assigned to staff within your dental office. Using these multiple accounts, your staff members can be empowered to make purchases based on the information that they have available to them and within the spending limits you set. 


Additionally, this saves you time when you're looking to make purchases. These multiple accounts enable your team to make orders when they are needed instead of having to run requests back and forth between staff and your purchasing department.


Fast shipping means parts arrive faster to service your patients

Finally, if there's one thing we're known for at Amazon, it's our fast shipping. 


It's easy to see the advantages that fast shipping has on your operations. But these advantages only grow when you consider the benefits to your organization.


With fast shipping on dental supplies from dozens of distributors, you can get any product you need within a reasonable amount of time. This allows you to make orders later than usual, and provides you with some additional grace if you didn’t notice a particular supply was running low until it was down to the wire. 


If you're interested in discovering the many benefits of an Amazon Business account, then all you have to do is sign up for a free account today! Take advantage of our massive stock of dental supplies and dentist office supplies that can help keep your practice running even when supply chains are more complex than ever.

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