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Do more with Amazon Business Analytics

Get visibility into your organization’s spending.

Over the past nine weeks we’ve shared a series of blog posts to help you get started with your Amazon Business account. These blogs summarize the key steps outlined in our Getting Started Resource Center. For our final blog in this series, let’s explore the visibility you get into your organizations spending patterns with our rich analytics.


Business purchasing leaders rely on data to identify opportunities and gaps to help them manage suppliers and spend. Making informed decisions requires accurate insights into how your organization is buying. Amazon Business Analytics delivers the data you need to make smart purchasing decisions.


Amazon Business Analytics help you to:


  • Easily view purchasing data and generate reports with line-item details.
  • Create reports to serve your business needs, so you can easily reconcile purchases with bank statements or find out when and how an item was paid for.
  • Conduct detailed analysis with over 60 data fields of real-time information, including shipping costs, item details, tracking info, and seller credentials.
  • Keep track of reimbursements or analyze product returns.
  • Customize and save your own report templates, making it easy to pull the data points that are most important to your organization.
  • Any report created can be downloaded as a spreadsheet, so all order information is easily accessible.


Amazon Business analytics in use


Ivy Tech is a community college in Indiana that offers more than 150 programs across 40 locations. Staff and faculty within Ivy Tech had already been using for their procurement needs and decided to formally adopt Amazon Business in 2018. Since its adoption, Amazon Business has been a “go-to” option for Ivy Tech’s buyers for unique items. “Our buyers are already familiar and comfortable with the user interface of Amazon for personal use, and the Business product virtually mimics that for the end user,” said Dominick Chase, Assistant Vice President for Finance and Chief Procurement Officer. Among other features, business analytics has been key for Ivy Tech. “Amazon Business has provided tremendous analytics for us as we continue to be strategic with procurement.”


Revisit the rest of the Getting Started series and don’t forget to bookmark the Getting Started Resource Center.

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