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Education customers using Amazon Business to meet evolving eBook needs

Learn how some of our education customers are saving money and improving learning by using Kindle eBooks.

Giving B2B customers access to well-known consumer features such as Prime shipping, massive selection, and great pricing is a tradition at Amazon Business. We have extended that tradition with Kindle by offering digital eBooks to our customers. Since 2007,1 millions of consumers have used Kindle eBooks to easily purchase and read nearly any book without worrying if the item is in stock. In these uncertain times, schools are looking to save money wherever they can. Digitizing the book purchasing and distribution process is one way schools can reduce costs and continue to provide students with an excellent education. Several of our education customers have successfully leveraged Kindle eBooks for their large organizations. Here are some highlights from their stories.


How learning institutions save time and money with digital Kindle eBooks


Los Angeles Unified School District recently purchased four different Kindle eBook titles of 5,000 copies each to distribute to students for their summer reading program. The distribution of digital copies of books was much simpler than with physical books. Whatever copies the district didn’t need, they could easily return with Kindle’s quick redeem and 60-day return policy.


A large public university system purchased over 11,000 eBook copies of Exit West for their incoming freshman. Buying eBooks allows them to send students the book in advance of arrival on campus preparing them for orientation activities. In previous years, the university handed out the print books at orientation not giving the student a chance to read the book and fully engage in the content and activities. To learn more about Kindle Books in higher education, watch this video.


A large private university shifted their annual Executive MBA book purchasing solely to eBooks on Amazon Business to reduce overall costs. EBooks are often less expensive than physical books, especially when figuring in shipping times, administrative burden, storage, and logistics for physical books.


These stories are from education customers, but Kindle eBooks can work for organizations in any industry. To learn more about how your organization can benefit from them, follow this Kindle eBooks for Business link.



About the author

Anthony Jenkins

About the author

Anthony Jenkins

Anthony is a member of the Amazon Business Strategic Account Engagement team for Public Sector. He works with education and government customers to solve complex procurement needs with compliant, innovative solutions.

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