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How to improve efficiency in expense reimbursement

Simply connect the Amazon Business Integration App to your Concur Expense account to automate expense management and streamline the reconciliation process.

Amazon Business integrated with Concur Expense in the US in 2021 to automate expense management for Amazon Business purchases and streamline reconciliation. And in 2023, this integration was also launched in the UK. In partnership with SAP Concur, Amazon Business released two new enhancements for customers to have the flexibility to filter out transactions based on payment types and the ability to direct Amazon Business receipts to either an admin or buyer for those customers who have enabled shared payment.

With Amazon Business Integration for Concur Expense, all Amazon Business purchases automatically flow to Concur Expense and generate e-receipts for employees. This integration eliminates the hassle of manually uploading receipts or tracking down receipts for multiple transactions, and it reduces the time and effort required for employees to create expense reports from Amazon Business purchases. In addition to this, financial managers and procurement managers no longer need to worry about errors, potential fraud, and compliance risks as this solution increases the accuracy of data captured on purchases and improves compliance with company policies.

The Amazon Business Integration for Concur Expense is a game-changer for companies of all sizes. With this solution, businesses can speed up approvals and processing times for timely reimbursements, improve visibility into spend, and streamline the reconciliation process for their employees.

“We’ve received positive feedback from our priority users. They recognize what a huge time saver this integration provides. Tasks that were a bit of a hassle are now streamlined. We are really excited about this new feature.”

— Nata-Leigh Preas, Finance Administrator of Ball Horticultural Company

How it works

Once account admin connects the Amazon Business account with Concur Expense:

  1. Employees purchases items on Amazon Business
  2. Purchased item ships
  3. Transaction data automatically flows to SAP Concur
  4. SAP Concur presents expense to user
  5. User submits expense report



Amazon Business Integration App for Concur Expense is a robust tool for the companies looking for ways to save time, increase accuracy, and streamline expense management process.

Please visit Amazon Business and SAP Concur page to learn more about integration and connect your Amazon Business account with SAP Concur in the App Center or consult with a Customer Advisor.

*Amazon Business Integration for Concur Expense is available for free via the SAP Concur App Center.

*Please note that your Amazon Business entity must be a US (United States) or UK (United Kingdom) based account to enable your Concur Expense entity to get transactions from Amazon Business. (Other countries to be added in the future) Learn more about how to enable Amazon Business via the SAP Concur App Center from here.

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