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Rural Farmers Increase Access to Products with Amazon Purchasing

Farming is a way of life. With that way of life comes living in rural locations, which can sometimes make it difficult to find the agricultural supplies you need locally. This can lead to long trips to neighboring cities or costly, slow-to-arrive online orders to get the products necessary to keep your farm running. 


Online shopping for your farm supplies can often result in placing multiple orders with different suppliers. Finding online sources and then tracking all those separate orders can just complicate your life and add unnecessary shipping expenses. Plus, it’s likely that your orders will take a week or more to arrive at your farm. 


With Amazon Business, you can get all the supplies you need shipped directly to your farm in record time, no matter where you’re located across the country. 


All your favorite farm supply products under one roof

Stop wasting time searching multiple stores and websites to find all the agricultural products you use on your farm. You can get just about everything you could want in one place with Amazon Business. Choose from a wide selection of irrigation equipment, farm parts and accessories, lighting and electrical and fertilizers.  


We work with a wide range of agricultural suppliers to give you access to more farm supply products than you can find locally, all in one place. This means you can shop more products quickly and easily to find the best priced option to get the job done. 


It can be frustrating having to look to several different merchants to find supplies, but with Amazon Business you can streamline your purchasing and get more time back to spend doing what you love — farming. 


Competitive prices on farm supplies

As you probably know, prices on agricultural supplies can range wildly depending on the supplier and the location where you purchase your products. Your local farm supply store is a great resource, but often has high prices and a limited selection of merchandise. 


At Amazon Business, we can offer products from many different suppliers, allowing you to shop for the best prices on the items you need. With an Amazon Business account, you also get access to business-only prices, as well as wholesale discounts when you need to order bulk quantities of certain supplies. 


Get back some peace of mind and save money on the farm supply products you need to keep making a living farming your land. Amazon offers products sourced from many different manufacturers, whether you need fertilizers, irrigation equipment or feed for livestock and domestic animals. 


Save on shipping

Shipping is another area you can save money with Amazon Business. When you purchase your farm supply products from online retailers, they often come with a hefty shipping cost to get them all the way to your farm. This is made even worse when you need to order from multiple suppliers and get charged for shipping from each one. 


Amazon Business helps you to save on shipping by offering low-cost options that you can rely on. Also, by consolidating your supply purchases that would normally require placing multiple orders with different stores, you only have to pay for shipping once.


Fast delivery to rural locations

As a farmer, rural living is an integral part of your lifestyle and your identity. The peacefulness of living out of the hustle and bustle of the city and the ability to spend countless hours working the land is truly an amazing feeling. 


However, living in the country does have its frustrations from time to time. One of the most difficult aspects of rural life is the long delivery times most online retailers require to get products to your door. This is especially true when you have a farm that depends on you to receive needed agricultural supplies in a timely manner to keep everything running smoothly. 


Amazon Business offers quick, reliable delivery to rural locations across the country so you can get everything you need as soon as possible. Did you run out of something critical for your operation? You can use overnight shipping to get your farm supplies to you by the next day without having to leave your property. Perhaps you don’t need lightning-fast delivery, but still don’t want to wait weeks for your products to arrive? Try our low-cost two-day shipping.


Want to see what Amazon Business can do to keep your farm running smoothly and efficiently? Create your free account today and check out all the farm supply options available for your operation. 

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