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Fast and Easy Supply Ordering with Amazon


Almost every kind of business needs office supplies — and almost everyone on the team needs their own set of supplies. Many companies have one person in charge of ordering everything needed to keep the business running, including items for each team member’s office. But this doesn’t always make sense. 


Many people have specific brands and types of office supplies they like to use. This can make the purchasing manager’s life difficult, since they’re constantly ordering from different office supply retailers and keeping track of each team member’s preferences. 


At Amazon Business, we make buying office supplies for your business easier by offering a wide selection of different brands and products, as well as simplifying purchasing by multiple team members. 


One-stop shop for office supplies

One of the largest benefits of using Amazon Business is that you’ll gain access to hundreds of different products for use in the office from a wide range of different brands, manufacturers, and merchants. Think of us as a one-stop shop for your office supply needs. 


Streamline your purchasing process by fulfilling each team member’s needs without having to place orders with multiple different suppliers. You can find all the office supply brands every member of your team loves, all in one place. 


Having access to this huge marketplace of office products also means you can easily shop around — making sure you’re getting the best price on the supplies you know and love. 


Multiple user accounts

While having a purchasing manager take care of ordering all the supplies your company needs may be the traditional route, office supplies are such an individual choice that it may make more sense to allow each department or even each employee to purchase their own supplies. This can eliminate the constant back-and-forth between team members and the purchasing manager to get the specific products they need for their office. 


With Amazon Business, you can easily allow your team to keep on top of stocking their own office supplies by enabling multiple user accounts. And don’t worry, by allowing each employee access to your Amazon account, you won’t be giving them access to the ability to make huge purchases without your approval. 


You can set specific permissions for each team member’s account to limit what they can access and purchase on their own. For example, you can set a spending cap for your team members so that they can only order lower-priced items, such as office supplies, on their own. Larger purchases would still have to go through you or your trusted purchasing manager. 


Quick and affordable shipping

While our huge selection of office supplies is a major plus for businesses like yours, our shipping options will really simplify and speed up your purchasing process, while saving you money. 


You will save money by limiting the number of suppliers you have to go through to source all your office supplies. Since you’ll only need to pay shipping once, you can avoid costly shipping charges from multiple office supply stores. You also won’t be spending time trying to keep track of lengthy shipping times and arrival dates for many different orders. 


In addition, we offer fast shipping options at reasonable prices. Our quick two-day shipping offers a great combination of speed and affordability. Down to your last ream of printer paper and have a huge report to print tomorrow? Select our ultra-fast overnight shipping to get the offices supplies you need to your door when you need them.  


Business-only prices and discounts

Not only do you save money with Amazon Business through price-shopping our large selection of products and using our inexpensive shipping options, but you also receive business-only prices and discounts on the products your office uses. 


Get lower prices on office supplies with your Amazon Business account than you can get with your regular Amazon account. Also, if you order certain supplies in large quantities, you will enjoy wholesale and bulk order discounts to save you even more money. 


Maybe your office is small, and you can’t order huge amounts of any one product at once? You can still receive bulk order discounts for your business! By reordering the same product multiple times within a period of 12 months, your total quantity ordered adds up, leading to deeper tiered discounts over time. 


If you’re ready to see how we can make ordering office supplies easier for your business, create your free Amazon Business account today and shop our huge selection of office products. 

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