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Get the most out of your Amazon Business account

Jump-start key user activities with the Getting Started Resource Center.

So, you’ve signed up for an Amazon Business account, now what? The Getting Started Resource Center is here to help you get the most out of your account with a series of activities. The ability to successfully set up and start using your Amazon Business account just got even easier.


For admins, the Resource Center gives you information on tools available and tips on configuring your account. Along with tools to help you achieve your purchasing goals, you’ll also discover ways to optimize your account with guidance on key onboarding activities including:

  • Adding people to an account
  • Creating approval workflows to manage spending
  • Choosing and setting up payment methods
  • Tracking spending and analyzing reports
  • Activating Business Prime

What’s more, your free account gives you access to features like exclusive pricing on eligible items and analytics to give you actionable insights into spending. These features can save you time and money, freeing you up to focus on other areas of your organization. Other features include tax-free shopping, Quantity Discounts, setting approvals, using shared payment methods and shipping addresses, and integration with purchasing systems you already use.

Get ready to move your organization forward and streamline your operations. Visit and bookmark the Getting Started Resource Center today.

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