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How the World's Fastest Shipping Company Helps Small Businesses Take Care of Shipping Supplies

Amazon Business helps small businesses get a huge range of shipping supplies quickly, business-only pricing and discounts for supplies, and flexible shipping options. Find out how Amazon Business can help by creating an account now.

As a small business owner, your customers are your priority. Providing them with products that will make their lives better, in packaging that ensures it will arrive safely, is important.  


Sometimes sourcing shipping supplies to get your products into your customers’ hands in a timely manner can be difficult. Your orders can be unpredictable, meaning you might run out of shipping supplies after an unexpected day with a particularly large number of orders. 


Amazon Business offers the solution you’ve been looking for to keep your unique business on top of shipping, so you can deliver orders quickly and keep your customers happy. 


Huge range of shipping supplies

When you’re busy running your business, it can be frustrating to sit down and spend hours sourcing all of your shipping supplies from different merchants. This time-consuming process can be avoided with Amazon Business. 


We’ve developed a large marketplace that brings together hundreds of product options from many different manufacturers and merchants. Whether you use shipping boxes, tape, bubble wrap, foam peanuts or mailer envelopes, you’ll find the supplies you need for your small business faster and easier with Amazon Business. 


You’ll also save money on shipping supplies because you’ll have the ability to shop different vendors all in one place. Shopping with Amazon also makes it easier to compare options with our easy-to-see, transparent pricing. You’ll know you’re getting the best price on the products you know and love.


Business-only pricing and discounts

Not only can you save by shopping quickly for the best prices, but you can also get access to business-only savings and discounts with an Amazon Business account. 


You’ll find prices on Amazon Business that you can’t get with a regular Amazon account. Also, if you buy your shipping supplies in large quantities, you’ll receive wholesale and bulk discounts to save you even more money. 


We know that as a small business, it can be difficult to purchase huge quantities of products all at once. That’s why we’ve found a way to make bulk discounts available to more businesses through savings over time. With our tiered pricing, you benefit when you reorder an item multiple times within a 12-month period. Every order adds to your total quantity, which leads to deeper discounts as your total order quantity increases.


Fast and reliable shipping

Your customers are depending on you to fulfill their orders quickly so that they can start enjoying your products. Waiting on your shipping supplies to arrive so that you can package up their orders just isn’t going to cut it for your business. 


We know that you need to be able to trust that every order you place for the shipping supplies you use will get to your business fast and safely. With Amazon Business, you can enjoy our reliable, speedy and affordable two-day delivery. You won’t be waiting weeks for your shipping supplies to get to your door. 


Maybe you just had a huge day of sales and used up all your shipping supplies way faster than expected. Select our uber-quick overnight shipping so that you can get back to packaging up deliveries the very next day. 


Flexible shipping options

Managing shipment arrival times from all your different suppliers can be challenging and frustrating. Our goal is to make your life as a business owner easier by offering flexible shipping options that help you to take control of your schedule. 


Instead of waiting for each order you’ve placed to arrive on a different day, consolidate your orders into fewer shipments. You can also select which days of the week you want your orders to arrive. When you know when to be watching for your packages, you can spend less time waiting on orders and being interrupted by deliveries.


Want to see how Amazon Business can help your small business save time and stay on top of shipping? Create your free Amazon Business account and browse our huge selection of shipping supplies today

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