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How Medical Offices Save Time, Stress and Money with Amazon

Now more than ever, it's important to keep medical operations running as smoothly as possible. Unfortunately, it's also more difficult than ever to keep a level head as a pandemic continues to affect medical communities around the world. As a result, medical offices have been scrambling to find new ways to purchase medical equipment in an efficient manner.


Fortunately, at Amazon we've worked to find solutions that can help you get the medical equipment you need into the hands of your employees fast. Whether you've been struggling to find the right equipment, or have found that running up and down the ladder to make routine purchases is hampering efficiency, Amazon has solutions that will help you overcome these routine difficulties.


Why medical equipment is difficult to find right now

As you're no doubt aware, the coronavirus pandemic that began in late 2019 has seriously impacted our lives. It has also led to major impacts across the worldwide supply chain, making it difficult to find materials and medical equipment that was once commonplace. When combined with the standard operating procedures of most purchasing departments, finding these pieces of equipment became even more difficult.


Some of the most notable impacts that the COVID-19 virus has had on supply chains stem from worker shortages and safety protocols that limit the number of workers in factories and docks. At the same time, the rising number of people who work from home or who are unable to leave their homes for health reasons has increased the overall amount of online shopping. This led to increased wait times for shipments and a decreased supply of available products. 


In particular, these factors affected the amount of medical equipment available — just as hospitals and other care facilities needed to increase their stockpile as much as possible. Ultimately, this led to some care providers not being able to get the medical equipment that they needed. This is exactly why we've developed supply chain and manufacturing solutions that help front line care workers get the equipment they need.


Single supplier advantage increases your purchasing options

One of the biggest non-supply chain impediments to finding the right equipment for your care facility staff is the restrictions put on purchasing departments. Often, purchasing departments try to get their equipment and materials all from one supplier. This can lead to better deals in times of plenty. But when shortages hit, it can result in your team not getting the supplies you need.


At Amazon, we work with dozens of medical PPE suppliers. This enables you to make the choice that makes the most sense for your budget while avoiding the potential shortages that come with using one supplier. Thanks to this advantage, you can comparatively shop between suppliers while making sure that everything you need remains in stock. Best of all, you can still take advantage of our quick shipping no matter which supplier's goods you purchase.


Fast shipping keeps your equipment cabinets full

When you run out of medical equipment, it's not just a concern, it's an emergency. While every purchasing department does its best to keep equipment cabinets well stocked, there are occasionally times when an equipment shortage goes unreported or something gets missed. When this happens, it's crucial that you have a way to quickly get your care facilities stocked and ready to go with as little interruption as possible. 


Amazon offers famously fast shipping for home shoppers, and that's also true for our business customers. When things don't go exactly as planned and you run low on materials, you can count on our rapid shipping in order to get you the materials you and your team need in order to help patients. This way, you won't have to worry about work interruptions or things staying out of stock for too long. As soon as you place an order, you can rest assured that your vital medical equipment is headed to you as quickly as possible.


Multiple user accounts keep things moving

The world of care facilities is notoriously hectic, and it can be easy to let items run low without noticing. When medical equipment supplies run low, the last thing you want is red tape or miscommunications to get in the way. In many cases, it would be easier if the people at each location, or at least those close to them, were empowered to make purchasing decisions on their own.


Amazon Business's multiple user account feature allows you to create user accounts for your staff on the ground. With these accounts, you can set purchase limits that keep their requests from breaking your budget, but most importantly you increase the agility of your entire organization. Multiple accounts enable the staff that is closest to an equipment shortage to make the decision to purchase more of what they need without having to run things up and down the ladder multiple times. 


By empowering your staff, you not only save yourself time but also effectively help your entire organization. The medical equipment purchased by your staff will be quickly shipped to the specified location, making the whole process more efficient, and more likely to result in the benefits you want. 


Interested in these features? Sign up for a free Amazon Business account today to take advantage of fast shipping, multiple user accounts, single supplier purchasing and other time-saving features!

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