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Introducing Instant Customer Feedback

Create, deliver, and analyze customer feedback surveys for vital customer insights that can help grow your business.

Helping you save time, money, and grow your business is a top priority for the Business Prime program. Critical to sustaining and growing your business is building strong relationships with your customers—ultimately improving your customer experience. We are excited to introduce a new free Business Prime, third-party benefit that helps organizations of all sizes deepen those all-important customer relationships and stay relevant during these times: Instant Customer Feedback, provided by Delighted, a Qualtrics company.


Why incorporate a tool that improves customer experience?


A study by PWC found that the gap between what customers want and what businesses provide is wide: “73% of all people point to customer experience as an important factor in their purchasing decisions. Yet only 49% of U.S. consumers say companies provide a good customer experience today.”


This gap between expectation and outcome can have a dire impact: one out of three customers say they would walk away from a business if they had just one bad experience, even if they love that business’s product. That number doubles if those bad experiences continue.


How does Instant Customer Feedback work?


Instant Customer Feedback is a third-party benefit provided by Delighted for all Business Prime members. Once you sign up for Business Prime, you can log into Delighted with your Amazon Business credentials. You’ll be able to set up and send surveys to start collecting feedback from your customers, and you won’t even need to call your IT team. 

With your Delighted account, you’ll be able to customize a two-question survey template to match your brand and use case. These two-question surveys elicit responses more effectively, since they’re so quick for customers to answer. 

The first question asks customers to rate their experience, so you have a metric to monitor over time. The second question is an open-ended, follow-up that asks customers to explain their score, so you have unfiltered, verbatim text feedback. These two starter questions are an easy way to build your customer experience program. You can upgrade to a premium feature to add supplemental questions. 


Once you’ve chosen and customized your survey template, set up when and how you want to survey your customers. The versatility of the tool allows you to leverage email, link URL, website, or native iOS app surveys to collect feedback—meeting customers on their terms. Delighted automatically ensures no one is ever over-surveyed.


After customizing and sending your surveys out, you’ll be able to watch feedback roll into your dashboard. From there, you can segment, analyze, and deliver actionable, customer insights directly to your team. 


With the Instant Customer Feedback, you can:

  • Gain customer insights for your overall brand experience or on a specific interaction. For example, you can customize a survey that asks how likely a customer is to recommend your service to a friend, or use a customer satisfaction survey to ask how happy they are with your web experience.
  • Surface and prioritize any top-of-mind issues your customers have with an intuitive feedback dashboard and built-in reports. You’ll also find out what your customers love about your company, and potentially find brand ambassadors who will help spread the word about your business.
  • Channel feedback directly to the people who can act on it by inviting your team to collaborate with you in Delighted, or by sending email alerts and feedback digests. You can also switch on a built-in Delighted integration so feedback shows up directly in your existing help desk, collaboration tool, or customer relationship management platform.


Ready to get started? Set up your Delighted account by logging in with Business Prime.

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