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Invoicing built for speed and business growth

Enhance the way your business buys for work

No matter the size of your business, improving your procurement process is likely a top priority. When it comes to choosing which payment method is right for your business, there are many factors to consider, but benefits, simplicity, and ease of use top the list. When you choose Pay by Invoice, you’ll be well on your way to a much easier end-to-end procurement process.


What is Pay by Invoice and how does it work?

Pay by Invoice provides Amazon Business customers access to millions of suppliers, with the convenience of using a single configurable invoicing solution to purchase. Simply put, if your organization is eligible, Pay by Invoice will allow your buyers the option to buy now and pay later with payment terms and a purchasing line offered on Amazon Business. Pay by Invoice focuses on providing approved customers options to extend payment terms and tailoring the invoice format and delivery experience to ensure businesses can set up their invoicing account based on their needs.


Curious if your organization is eligible?

Upon signing up for an Amazon Business account, your account will be assessed for a Pay by Invoice purchasing line. If approved, the account administrator will receive an email detailing the approved line amount, payment terms and instructions on how to set up the new payment method. Once notified, don’t wait—you only have 180 days to activate the purchasing line upon approval. After that, the line will be closed.


Why small-and-medium businesses chose Pay by Invoice

For most small business, you’re challenged to do more with less. That’s why a simplified purchasing process can be a lifesaver when it comes to improving business buying. Beyond streamlining the reconciliation process, there are plenty of reasons to choose Pay by Invoice.


Improve cash flow. Extended payment terms puts time and money back on your side to continue growing your business in today’s hypercompetitive market.


Flexibility. Decide at checkout when (or when not) to use Pay by Invoice.


Security. You’ll never have to worry about lost or stolen credit cards or going through the hassle of waiting for a new card to be reissued.


Spend visibility. As an account administrator, you have the power to set spending controls for buyers within your organization. This makes overseeing spend and managing budgets across your business seamless.


More savings. Save money by avoiding annual fees and save time by eliminating employee expense reports in addition to the time spent to reviewing and approving.

“We get everything from books and office supplies to costumes for drama productions through Amazon Business. The broad catalog means a variety of products can be found in one place, and often for the lowest price. That’s a huge benefit.”

— John Gwin, Chief Finance Offer, Shelby County Schools

Join other enterprises using Pay by Invoice

If you’re part of running procurement for a larger entity, customization and boosting purchasing compliance is essential. With Pay by Invoice you can:


Spend less time on invoice reconciliation. Reduce the high admin cost of purchasing card reconciliation, especially if you choose to solely use Pay by Invoice.


Gain visibility into spend. Transactions made on your Amazon Business account display in real-time, making it easy to gain a full picture of where money is being spent each month.


Improve spend management. Create customized online reports to track and reduce rogue spend throughout your organization. With item-level transactional details, you can generate custom reports with Pay by Invoice’s built-in analytical tools.


Access to extended payment terms. With a Business Prime membership, you can apply for 45-day terms with Small and Medium plans or 60-day terms with the Enterprise plan.  

“All too often in our line of work, we try to create solutions for everything… but when it comes to optimizing procurement we need to look at solutions that already exist, and in our case it was Amazon Business.”

— Kevin Jackson, Logistics Execution Manager, Mid-Continent Business Unit at Chevron

It's never too late – or too early – to begin thinking about how to streamline the way you do business. And with purchasing and procurement being such a key part of each day, your organization needs a method that’s both simple and dependable. With Pay by Invoice, you’ll soon find that you have more time to focus on getting back to business—and less time sweating the small stuff.

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