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Lab Techs Make More Time for Patients with Back Office Procurement through Amazon

Learn how Amazon helps lab techs keep equipment in stock during the COVID-19 pandemic. Get the supplies you need quickly with an Amazon Business account.


Lab Technicians Have the Same Purchasing Power as Big Business with Amazon Business

The work that lab technicians perform is vital and can help save people's lives. However, they can't perform that work if they don't have the lab tech supplies needed to run tests that provide lifesaving results.


The current state of the supply chain has made it more difficult than ever to get the laboratory supplies that you need. Many companies have turned to dozens of different solutions to try to overcome this issue. 


At Amazon. we recognize how important it is for you to keep your workplace’s necessary lab tech supplies on hand at all times. We also know what it takes for you to keep your supply cabinets stocked. In recognition of how vital the work is that lab technicians perform, we've applied our various logistics and product procurement services to helping you get your hands on the lab tech supplies that you need. 


In this article, we'll take you through several of the benefits that an Amazon Business account can provide as you search for lab technician supplies in the midst of an historic moment in the supply chain. We'll explore a few of the key benefits of Amazon in the following sections:


  • Amazon has lab technician supplies available to ship today!


  • Amazon allows purchasing departments to buy from multiple distributors


  • Purchasing could be made directly by lab technicians


  • Fast shipping means parts are there faster to service your Lab work


Amazon has lab technician supplies available to ship today!

Chances are that you're familiar with the current issues plaguing the supply chain. When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, we were already in the midst of a truck driver shortage and a container shortage that threatened the stability of the supply chain. When COVID-19 became a fact of life for virtually everyone on the planet, it toppled some of the precarious dominoes that had been holding up the worldwide supply chain.


Right now, we're dealing with a continued worker shortage that has left manufacturers without the manpower they need to create their products. At the same time, online shopping has surged with the advent of quarantine measures. This has increased the volume of packages moving across the world, which has not exactly helped the shorthanded staff situation faced by major parcel delivery services.  


At Amazon, we have a solution to this problem. We already have the products that you need on hand in our warehouses, ready to ship. Because we have the lab tech supplies you need, you won't have to wait for months for them to come back in stock, or wait weeks in order for the shipment to arrive. You can rest assured that whatever you need from our lab technician store, you can order it and have it at your facility in a matter of days.


Amazon allows purchasing departments to buy from multiple distributors

One major issue when it comes to ordering the products that you need is the difficulty of ordering from multiple distributors. Normally, companies either work out an agreement to get products from one distributor for a reduced fee, or they go the more standard route of shopping at just a single distributor's store for lab tech supplies due to convenience. However, what do you do when your normal source is out of what you need? Procuring products from many different distributors can be quite the hassle if you have to place many different orders. 


Amazon helps you put those complex and inefficient worries behind you. When you shop with us for your lab tech supplies, you can order from dozens of different distributors all under a single store interface. So when you place your order, it's likely to arrive in fewer packages, and arrive faster thanks to our rapid shipping.  


Purchasing could be made directly by lab technicians

Sometimes, lab technicians need lab tech supplies, but they don't have the time to run their request all the way to a purchasing department without risking running out of the particular item. When this issue arises, time is of the essence, and standard corporate structures rarely exist to make things fast. But how efficient would it be if your lab techs could simply make the purchase themselves?


Using Amazon Business, you can empower your lab technicians to make their own purchases without having to get in contact with your purchasing department every time. As part of the primary business account, you can set up user accounts to let authorized staff make the purchases they need. You can set purchase limits on these accounts to ensure that money is being spent responsibly and in order to maintain oversight on the lab tech supply budget of your company's lab technicians.


Fast shipping means parts are there faster to service your lab work 

Finally, if you know one thing about Amazon, you likely know about our fast shipping. We've gained a reputation for having the fastest shipping around, and the same is true for businesses shopping at Amazon.


Quick delivery is especially valuable when you notice that lab tech supplies are running low and you need to get new ones ASAP. Instead of having to wait for weeks after having already spent money on expensive shipping, you can expect your new equipment or supplies to be at your facility within a matter of days. 


Want to try out Amazon Business for yourself? Simply create a free account and start exploring the impressive benefits that we offer businesses of all sizes. 

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