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Labs Can't Afford to Wait for Safety Equipment

Learn how Amazon helps keep wait times lab safety equipment down during the COVID-19 pandemic. Get the supplies you need quickly with an Amazon Business account.

In a lab, nothing is more important than safety. While labs are generally very safe places, it's crucial that proper safety equipment be readily available to prevent or reduce the chances of an incident that could cause harm to lab personnel or visitors.


Ultimately, a lab cannot operate without safety equipment. So it's vital for lab managers to have a reliable, fast way to get safety supplies the second they notice that they are running low.


Amazon Business helps lab managers get the lab safety supplies they need quickly and for a price that makes sense. Even during times like now, when supply chains are being impacted by shortages and delays, we're able to get you the products you need to ensure that your lab can continue to run — even as others are finding it difficult to get all the safety equipment that they need. 


Why safety equipment wait times are longer than ever

You may have noticed that products are taking longer than ever to come back in stock, particularly when it comes to safety equipment. This is due to a massive shakeup of the global supply chain thanks to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Reduced manufacturing capacity coupled with breakdowns in the world of ocean, air and truckload shipping have led to the longest wait times and delays since the advent of internet commerce. 


How Amazon guarantees lab safety equipment stock

At Amazon Business, we have relationships with manufacturers of just about everything. Thanks to these relationships, plus our world-renowned logistics and fulfillment departments, we're able to keep the safety equipment that you need in stock and ready to ship to you as soon as you need it.


We're also able to keep things in stock because we are more than just one company. We're able to offer safety equipment manufactured by a wide range of companies. So if one company is out of what you need for your lab, you can likely find the same product made by another manufacturer available. And because we offer products from so many different companies, you don't have to worry about going from place to place searching for the products you need. Instead, you can rely on our massive network of partners to keep your supply cabinets well stocked without having to waste hours searching for what you need.


Take advantage of fast shipping to get safety equipment to your lab quickly

Getting safety equipment to your lab when it's needed is one of the most important things you can do as a lab manager. Unfortunately, it's common to notice you need supplies only when they're already low or out. Because you tend not to notice things like safety supplies until you need them, having a way to purchase these products and get them shipped immediately is vital. 


At Amazon Business, we provide lab managers like yourself with access to low-cost, high-speed shipping that gets you the safety equipment you need exactly when you need it. In addition to being fast, our shipping options are also flexible. You can choose higher speed shipping for when you need something immediately, or receive benefits for choosing lower speed shipping that you can leverage in future orders. If you need to place a large order that ships out to multiple labs, you can also do that, which helps you save time and money.


Enjoy multiple accounts for your various labs

Not every lab manager manages just one lab. In many cases, you may be in charge of a whole building containing several different labs, or you might even oversee multiple locations.


If you manage multiple lab locations, it's not always feasible for you to keep perfect track over smaller goods shipments and the standing stock of various pieces of safety equipment. That's where Amazon's multiple accounts option comes into play.


With multiple accounts, you can empower the scientists and other staff that work in the labs you manage to take control of their own minor purchasing needs. In the cases when you don't need to be alerted, such as low-dollar purchases, other account holders can step in and order what they need, when they need it, without adding to your busy workload.


If you're interested in these features or the many other benefits that Amazon Business provides lab managers like yourself, then it's the perfect time to start a free account. Set up your free Amazon Business account today to ensure that your labs always have the safety equipment that they need.

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