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Moving Companies Can Order Supplies on the Move with Amazon Business

Operating a moving company is hard work. You’re always on the go and traveling to different job sites, which means you rarely sit down at a desk to access a computer. Running as many aspects of your business as possible from your phone is essential.


But keeping the moving supplies you need on hand can be challenging. Making sure you always have items such as packing tape, mattress bags and moving boxes in a wide variety of sizes can be difficult to coordinate with your busy schedule from just a mobile device. Finding suppliers and placing all those orders is just easier done on the computer. 


With Amazon Business, you can add ordering all the wholesale moving supplies you use to the list of things you can easily get done on the go. Find everything you need all in one place, with ordering made easy by a mobile app created for busy people like you. 


Easy mobile ordering

Running a moving company means you don’t get much time to sit around in your office at the computer, making sure you’ve ordered everything you need for the month. Often, you realize you’re out of something while on the road or at a job.


Thankfully, purchasing everything you need to keep your business running can be done easily with Amazon Business. Use our mobile app to quickly find and order wholesale moving supplies as soon as you realize you’re running out of something, using just your phone. 


You can stop wasting time making lists and trying to remember what you need to order on those rare occasions you have access to a computer. Instead, you can do all your supply purchasing while on the move.


Fast and dependable shipping 

Of course, ease of ordering is nothing without dependable shipping — and Amazon Business gives you both. 


You can trust that your orders will show up at your business quickly and safely. Don’t wait days (or weeks) for your wholesale moving supplies to get to you — our affordable two-day shipping will get your items to you fast. Need something urgently for the next day’s job? We offer fast, reliable overnight shipping so that you’re always ready for the unexpected. 


You can stop stressing about last minute jobs, suddenly running out of something important or unreliable shipping carriers. With Amazon Business, the supplies you need will be at your business when you need them. 


Flexible shipping options

With your busy travel schedule, it can be difficult to coordinate shipments from all the merchants you order from. Most don’t offer you a choice in what day their orders will arrive at your business, so tracking delivery times becomes a challenge. It can be frustrating to have to receive supplies back at the office while you’re on a job. 


Amazon Business offers flexible shipping options for the wholesale moving supplies you need to streamline your process and make your life easier. You can consolidate your orders into fewer shipments and select which days you want them to show up. This means you can ensure that your items only come to your door when you’re ready for them — and not when you’re out on a job.


Wholesale moving supplies all in one place at affordable prices

Shopping different suppliers for all the wholesale packing supplies you use on a weekly basis can be time consuming and stressful. Let Amazon Business help you get some time back by offering a one-stop solution for the moving supplies you need.


Whether your needs extend to packing tape and moving boxes or box cutters available in the largest selection of widths, sizes and depths, Amazon Business has got you covered — and your customers’ furniture as well! 


We work with a wide range of vendors and manufacturers of moving and storage supplies to bring you all the products you know and love under one roof. This allows you to stop wasting time searching multiple suppliers’ websites for supplies. At Amazon, you can shop a range of brands and products to find the best price on what you’re looking for. 


We also give you access to business-only prices that you can’t get with a standard Amazon account to save your company money. Also, when you purchase your supplies in large quantities, you’ll get wholesale discounts on the moving supplies necessary to keep your business running smoothly.  


Make your life easier and add purchasing to the list of things you can get done on the move. Create your free Amazon Business account today and shop our large selection of wholesale moving supplies. 

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