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Analytics gets even easier with the new Amazon Business Analytics homepage

Easily gain data on your business spending and optimize budgeting decisions and buying policies.

Amazon Business has announced the worldwide launch of a new Amazon Business Analytics homepage, which features a user-friendly dashboard and visualizations to provide comprehensive understanding of business purchasing. With a more seamless experience, customers will have the data they need to take action to optimize spending.


The new Amazon Business Analytics dashboard includes three main areas of analysis for customers' accounts:

  1. Overview for a selected time period, which shows high-level KPIs such as total spending, total savings by shopping on business.amazon.com, total orders, and top shopping category. Users can control the data by selecting a time period, and it will be applied to the entire dashboard.
  2. Detailed information on current spending, which presents annual spend comparisons, spend by category, spending with small and diverse sellers*, and spending within buying policies. (*Please note that ‘small and diverse sellers’ is available for the US market only)
  3. View of recent orders, which shows order date, order ID, account group, order net total, account user, and order status.

Ease of use with a user-friendly dashboard

The new Amazon Business Analytics homepage offers multiple metrics, visualizations, and access points to Spend Visibility and Amazon Business Analytics reports in an easy and intuitive fashion. The visuals, charts, and dashboard make it easy to understand key metrics of spending and navigate to the relevant reports.


Gain meaningful data to optimize business spending

Cost optimization is a key task for all organizations and it must be business-focused. To maximize business value, make smart budgeting decisions, and find opportunities to save, it is important to analyze your spend. Amazon Business Analytics provides relevant data that can help customers make sense of their current spending status and strategize for the future.


Take Immediate actions based on the intelligence gained from the dashboard

Amazon Business Analytics homepage provides several ways to take immediate actions to improve purchasing. For example, once customers identify opportunities from ‘spending within buying policies’, they can improve the setting through few clicks from analytics and reporting. Customers can easily shift their spending to small businesses and businesses owned by diverse groups to meet their organization’s responsible purchasing goals.

The new Amazon Business Analytics homepage is a powerful tool that allows businesses to easily gain data on their spending patterns and make informed decisions to optimize spending. From tracking buying patterns to shifting spending to small businesses and diverse groups, the new analytics homepage gives businesses the tools they need to take immediate action and improve their purchasing.

Try our new Business Analytics and gain more control of your spending.
For further information, please visit our Amazon Business Analytics page.


Check out the Release note here.

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