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New Guided Buying feature: UNSPSC classifications

How to set up policies that restrict categories based on United Nations Standard Products and Services Code (USNPSC) classifications.

The United Nations Standard Products and Services Code (UNSPSC) is a standard taxonomy for classifying products and services. With Guided Buying, available through select Business Prime plans, you can set preferred products and suppliers and enable policies to restrict your buyers from purchasing from certain categories of products. Now, you can enable Guided Buying policies using UNSPSC classifications, giving you more accuracy and granularity in guiding your buyers to the right products.


In this blog, we’ll walk through how to set up a policy that restricts the headphone category using its USNPSC classification.


First, log into Amazon Business and navigate to the Buying Policies page in Business Settings. Click under Guided Buying, then click in the Restricted Policies section. In our example, we’ll set up a new policy, so click to add policy, then click “Restrict UNSPSC categories.”


Next, include details that will help admins and buyers understand this policy. Enter a descriptive policy name that you and other admins will easily recognize, so you can quickly find it later if modifications are needed. You can also include a more detailed description that is only visible to other admins. Then, enter a message for buyers explaining why items in this category are restricted. You can also add notes on who to contact or what process to follow if your buyers want to pursue purchasing from this category. For example, “We have an oversupply of headsets, so we are not ordering more. Please contact IT if you need a new headset.”

Finally, you can select the category to restrict using the UNSPSC classification. In our example, we’ll restrict headphones. Start typing the “521615” in the search box, which is the beginning of the UNSPSC classification for audio and visual equipment. You’ll see the category hierarchy levels update as you enter more numbers. Headphones are represented by UNSPSC 52161514. You can either finish typing the number, or you can scroll down to the Headphone category. You can also find the same category by typing “Headphones” in the search box. When you hover over a category, you’ll see the best-selling items in that category.

Once you select the category, click “Save policy.” That’s it! Now if buyers in your organization try to buy headphones through Amazon Business, they’ll see a notification alerting them that this category is restricted.


For more information on Guided Buying, visit our product or help page.

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