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Introducing a new way to order books in bulk for your organization with Your Company Bookshelf

Amazon launches a streamlined process to order books in bulk with Your Company Bookshelf.

Amazon announces, Your Company Bookshelf, a new book bulk purchasing and distribution solution enabling organizations to create a bookshelf and invite recipients to redeem books in their preferred format and choose delivery method. Your Company Bookshelf offers streamlined process to order books in bulk for customers from education institutions, technology, nonprofit, healthcare and other commercial companies who have a need for bulk book purchasing due to their book clubs, reading programs, speaking events, training/development, and engagement initiatives.

"Your Company Bookshelf removes the inconveniences typically involved in the process of purchasing and distributing books. Through this new service, organizations on Amazon Business can set up a Bookshelf and invite recipients to redeem books in just minutes, all from one dashboard."

— Prasanna Somasundaram, Director of specialty reading at Amazon Books

Over the last year, more than 30 organizations across education, health care, finance, and technology have created personalized bookshelves for recipients, leading to more than 6,000 recipients selecting and reading a book in their preferred format. Your Company Bookshelf has been used to distribute to a variety of different recipients including students, customers, conference attendees, employees, etc.

Choose from Amazon’s selection of millions of titles. Companies that want to offer additional professional development resources can add best-selling business books and authors, or the latest and most popular fiction titles topping Amazon’s charts to support company book clubs or reading programs.

Businesses have full control over the books included in their bookshelf, who can access the bookshelf, and the budget for how much employees can spend on a book.

What businesses can expect: Every bookshelf is unique and businesses have full control to choose what books are included in their bookshelf, who can access the bookshelf and set the budget. Reporting is available on number of outstanding invitations, vouchers claimed and remaining balance.

What recipients can expect: Recipients can use the Amazon account of their choice when applying the voucher to their account. Upon joining a bookshelf, recipients can browse the selection, choose from Kindle, paperback or hardcover format, set delivery preference and apply the voucher as the purchase method.

How Your Company Bookshelf works:

  1. Choose books: search Amazon’s expansive inventory and add each book to your bookshelf.
  2. Buy vouchers: upload recipient emails and purchase vouchers.
  3. Amazon sends invites: set a valid through date and Amazon will send your recipients an invitation to join the bookshelf.
  4. Recipient join the bookshelf: your recipient accepts the invitation, chooses a book from the selection and orders using the pre-paid voucher.

Your Company Bookshelf is available exclusively for Amazon Business customers. Learn more about Your Company Bookshelf and get started.

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