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Property Managers Use Amazon Lists to Manage Purchasing

Managing multiple properties means you’re always multitasking and on the go. Keeping track of everything that needs to be done for each property can be a real challenge. Remembering what supplies need to be ordered for every task just adds to the difficulty. 


Plus, when you’re always busy and on the move, you need to be able to get a lot done while away from the office. Many days, your phone gets more use than your computer. 


That’s why at Amazon Business, we focus on making ordering easy. Enjoy quick and straightforward ordering from your mobile device, make use of our tools for managing and keeping track of complicated orders, and get the property management supplies you need in bulk at great prices.


Manage your ordering with Amazon Business Lists

We understand that managing orders for multiple properties, plus your base office, can be difficult — especially when you’re spending a lot of time on the go and out of the office. That’s why we created Amazon Lists, which are digital shopping lists that live within your Amazon Business account. 


Amazon Lists allow you to manage your ordering in a new way that will streamline your process and help you to never forget to order something important again. With this feature, you can create reorder lists of items you buy repeatedly and shopping lists of products that you need to remember to order. 


Once you’ve created your lists, you can sort and organize them and prioritize the items listed. You can also work efficiently with your team using Amazon Lists. For example, you can add comments next to each item for team members to see, perhaps providing them with information on when to order the product or what the purpose of the purchase is. 


One of the best reasons to use Amazon Lists is how they help you remember what property management supplies you need to order. You can add an item to the list as soon as you realize you need something, directly from your mobile phone. 


Take advantage of easy mobile ordering

Lists are great for tracking what you need to order later. But when you’re out on the job actively managing properties, you may come across something that needs ordering immediately. With Amazon Business, placing orders from your cell phone is easy.


We have created a simple, intuitive mobile app for busy people like you. No matter where you are in the country, as long as you have a cell phone signal, you can quickly and efficiently order the property management supplies you need to keep your properties in tip-top shape. 


Plus, you can access your lists directly from the mobile app. This means that if the product you need to order is something your company purchases regularly, it’s fast to find that item on your reorder list and place an order from your phone. No more searching through products to find that one listing that you like and regularly order. 


Use bulk purchasing for property management supplies

Ease of ordering and tracking purchases are major benefits of using Amazon Business when you’re a property manager. But the competitive prices you’ll find on our property management supply store on our website is another huge plus. 


We offer business-only products with pricing you won’t find elsewhere. Also, buying in bulk allows you to unlock discounts that will save your company even more money. Many of the products you’ll find on Amazon Business have tiered pricing, meaning the larger quantity you purchase, the more you save. 


Maybe your team is small, and you don’t need to order huge quantities all at once. You can still get bulk savings on the supplies you purchase regularly with progressive discounts. This means that every time you reorder a product, it adds to the overall quantity you’ve ordered over a 12-month period, leading to deeper bulk discounts over time.  


If you’re ready to see what Amazon Business can do to make your life easier as a property manager, create your free account today and get access to our huge selection of property management supplies.

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