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Simplify your product search with SAP Ariba solutions and Amazon Business

Amazon Business is now available as a source of supply for SAP® Ariba® solutions with Integrated Search

Amazon Business launched Integrated Search to unlock a new way for customers to search the Amazon Business selection and find the products they need within their eProcurement tool. Now, U.S., EU and Canada customers with SAP Ariba solutions can use Amazon Business Integrated Search functionality to access hundreds of millions of products on Amazon Business—and take advantage of business-only pricing and real-time availability—from their SAP Ariba solutions.

With Integrated Search, users can search the Amazon Business catalog from their SAP Ariba buying tools. For your users, the shopping experience is simple: Search for the product you’re interested in and your SAP Ariba solution returns search results that can be browsed or refined as needed. Users can compare prices, view product details, then “punch-out” to Amazon Business to easily select items and add them to the shopping cart, and send data to Guided Buying within SAP Ariba for requisition creation and approval.

With Integrated Search and SAP Ariba solutions, you can enable buyers to quickly find and purchase the supplies they need from Amazon Business through a simple search that draws from a trusted, pre-enabled source of supply. This can help you transform rogue spend into compliant, self-service spend, better manage risk and compliance, and maximize cost savings. And, by helping buyers shop smartly from within a single tool, SAP Ariba solutions help your teams save time and shop more efficiently for the goods they rely on to get their work done.

SAP Ariba Guided Buying Integrated Search Experience


Getting started
To get started with SAP Ariba solutions and Amazon Business Integrated Search, connect with a Customer Advisor.

"The Amazon Business Integrated Search set up in SAP Ariba was a quick and seamless process. Working in tandem with our Amazon punch-out catalog, the new search functionality gives our users the capability to match like items and prices in real-time with our internal catalogs to make the best procurement decisions for our company.”

— Michael Fontenot, Procurement Systems Administrator, Mary Kay®

Learn more about Integrated Search and connect with a customer advisor to get started.

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